Wowsers…..its March already


OMG  we are already in March. Where has the year gone.
So you’re three months into your pliary, hows it going? Are you staying organised? Tried some of the recipes? Been tracking your feet in the reflexology tips?
We’ve been so busy like all of you. Who isn’t busy these days? Everyone. We have to laugh when people talk about how busy they are like they are busier than anyone else out there. Everyone’s busy so just keep on keepin on.
2017 is the year of new beginnings and to set new goals and this year we are all about smashing them out of the park.  We are working on exciting new things in the background and have been taking on your feedback from our first pliary ever. Feel free to email us at if you have any suggestions, things you love, would like to see in the 2018 pliary or just to share some love.
Its time for us to get cracking on the 2018 pliary and thats exactly what we are doing. We want to make it bigger and better for next year with more content, full of tips and motivation to be the best version of you. We can’t make you completely happy, only you can do that, BUT what we can do is assist you with the tools to help. And thats exactly what we plan on doing.
My Jnr MindFULL Journal is on its way. We expect them to arrive next wee and we can’t be more excited about them. These activity journals are all about getting young kids to love themselves, be grateful, mindfulness colouring, understanding emotions and asking for help when feeling down, friendship circles, fun activities, laughter and more. We took advice from an Assistant Principal and a Child Psychologist for these so we know we are going to make a difference to so many kids for all of the right reasons. The artwork is generic so its suitable for both girls and boys and they come in both a cute pink with flowers or navy blue with stars.
These will make a great gift, for kids birthday party gifts, Easter present, a caring thought or just to share some kindness and put a smile on a little kids face. They are also great for any child lacking confidence, love colouring, need reassurance, self love and awareness or enjoy writing their thoughts.

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