We’re welcoming our new baby to the Keopha Kommunity


So your now settling into using your pliary……and I bet you’re super pumped about it too. And if you are just getting back from holidays and haven’t had time to set your goals or check in with yourself in the Personal Growth section then pop to the front of your pliary and get cracking.

We’ve had so many excited people messaging us, tagging us and emailing us about them using our pliary and we too are so excited to have you all finally using it. Its really something we are so grateful for.


Many of you messaged us when you received your pliary requesting a children’s version, as your kids were jealous they couldn’t join in all the fun so we’ve listened with intent. We had already been working on such a product but couldn’t let the cat out of the bag….but its with great excitement we can now announce to you that My Jnr MindFULL Year Journal is now available for pre-order on our website.

We’ve created an undated journal to take young kids on a journey of self love, self confidence, fun, activities, learning what it means to be a friend, educating them about emotions and encouraging them to ask for help when feeling sad and much much more. This A5 journal will be your child’s go to item for the year. It has room for him/her to write their thoughts, child friendly recipes, colouring in, activities, affirmations, as well as room to make notes, draw, write and love. And yes we have a navy one which is ideal for boys. Oh but keep in mind the navy will have stars on it, not flowers lol.

Assist your child with living a positive life, expressing his or her feelings, encourage them to love themselves and carry My Jnr MindFULL Year Journal with them along life’s journey. This is a great gift for a friend, birthday, niece, nephew, grandchild or even someone you’d like to make feel special.

We also have some wonderful gift packs available so make your little one feel special. It will be that one awesome gift pack that keeps your little lady or man positive, shares kindness, makes them special and most importantly rock it out with all their friends.

Much love to you all, Kara & Elizabeth

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