5 Top Tips for Implementing Mindfulness

5 Top Tips for Implementing Mindfulness into Your Life


So you keep hearing the word ‘mindfulness’ and wonder how you can implement into your day? Yes, that was me as well two years ago. How can I possibly eat healthy every day, exercise, take time out for myself, meditate blah blah. Well the more I started to implement these little things into my life, the more it became just part of my day. So I practice mindfulness everyday now.

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Personalisation is here for your Mindfulness Planner!

Exciting News: Personalisation is here…..

We’ve been working hard in the background and are so excited to announce to all of our VIP family members…….we are offering “Personalisation” for your mindfulness planner.

With personalisation the must have trend of 2016, we couldn’t let you miss out so we are soooo excited to bring it to you. Get your beautiful diary personalised for 2017  or even as a gift for a friend or loved one. OMG I know you are thinking “I need this NOW!” so shoot us an email sales@keopha.com with “I WANT PERSONALISATION” in the subject straight away!

Want to personalise your planner? Have you purchased multiple planners with the thought of giving one away as a gift? Why not have their name or initials embossed on it to personalise it. How amazing is that!


Keopha: Gratitude Diary and Planner


Our “introductory” price to you is only $12.00……where else can you get a classy diary full of inspiration, healthy food recipes, reflexology, mindfulness colouring and much more AND personalised for so little?

How do I get this done I hear you ask……well shoot us an email straight away to sales@keopha.com with the following in the subject “I WANT PERSONALISATION” or by the latest 6pm (sharp) on the 31st October 2016.

We will collate all the orders and send you an email 48hours later with the details required and payment options to be paid immediately. We require a minimum of 50 units to proceed with personalising them all so don’t miss out, give yourself or loved one the best gift for Christmas to make 2017 the best year yet.

We also know you are waiting with baited breath to get your diaries as we have had a few messages from excited customers asking. Our printing is all done and dusted, sitting pretty in our warehouse but we expect to receive the covers at the end of October so will have them to you asap in November. We apologise for inconvenience but don’t worry you will definitely have them well and truly before Christmas in time to hand out as presents…….and PERSONALISED!

Don’t forget to shoot us an email to sales@keopha.com with “I WANT PERSONALISATION” in the subject. Eeeekkkkk we are so excited!

A Busy October…

Elizabeth and Kara attended Fashion Aid on the 10th September supporting The Orange Pigeon at Crown Casino.  It was a fabulous event full of style, catwalks, fundraising and joy.  We were honoured to be ask to join Lisa in raising awareness and watching her in action was simply inspiring. She does such a wonderful job and is huge reason for the success of The Orange Pigeon.

Elizabeth and Kara had a fabulous night on the 7th October supporting The Orange Pigeon at Ladies Night In as they granted a wish for an inspiring woman who has fought cancer.  What a story and what a privilege it was to witness and hear from Sue. The Orange Pigeon are our Queens, and we are continually inspired by the work they do and we are completely honoured to be partnered with them.

Delivery is fast approaching and everything is finally coming together. Our print run is expected to be delivered this week and all other items such as stickers, bookmarks, jewellery etc have already arrived, its just our covers that we are waiting on.  There has been a couple of hiccups at the warehouse and we don’t expect to receive the covers until the end of October so we will be working around the clock early November to get them out to you.  Yes it will be a couple of weeks later than originally expected but hey thats the joys of production and behind the scenes of putting together our wonderful product.
But, don’t worry your minds about it, you will be set and ready to go for 2017 and have them in time for Christmas if you had ordered as a gift, we will make sure of that.  We have many friends and family that will help get all orders out as fast as we possibly can cos we know you are all excited to receive yours. Haven’t pre-ordered yours yet?? Don’t worry we have extras on order to accommodate

Keopha launches with a laugh

Laughter is the best medicine…
We had our official launch party on Monday 29th August with a fabulous Laughter Yoga session with Merv Neal of Laughter Yoga Australia.  This man is just incredible, curing his sickness and disease through the power of the mind and plain and simple laughter.
Elizabeth and Kara had attended one of his sessions before and thought there was no better way to bring happiness and joy to people than having a laugh.  Its a bizarre feeling at first, forcing yourself to laugh, but after ten minutes it becomes an uncontrollable feeling that sees you laughing constantly without prejudice, without judgement and without feeling like a dill. The mind can not differentiate between “forced laughter and spontaneous laughter” so the impact once you’ve finished is the feeling of pure joy.
So you’re probably wanting an update…the orders have now been placed and we are in limbo….waiting for the much anticipated stock to arrive and despatch to you wonderful people during October.
Our website is now up and running and taking PRE ORDERS after being inundated with requests. So, if you missed out on our introductory offer via our crowd fund pre order campaign you can now pre order via our website HERE

Don’t fear, Keopha’s newsletters will not be the usual spam annoying newsletter.  We want to bring you mindset tips, real life stories, tips on how to use your planner, positivity, updates, FREEBIES and much more. All of which can inspire, empower and motivate you to stay on track with a positive mindset to have your best year yet.

Wowsers…..what a month!

Keopha: Planner and Diary
Elizabeth and Kara have had a lot of fun this month attending the Trade Fairs and finding new and exciting products to compliment the My MindFULL Year planner. We want to bring to you, fun, exciting, unique and quirky things that inspire you to stay positive, be present and enjoy life the way its meant to be……HAPPY!   We can’t wait to introduce them to our Keopha Community soon…..we know you are just going to love them.

Kara and Elizabeth have been hustling hard in the background to collaborate with some fabulous local businesses, so we will have some exciting announcements coming to you soon. We don’t want My MindFULL Year in the hands of anyone and everyone, we want to align with people who have the same values as us, the same vision and who can inspire and empower people to make a difference. Its this reason we have walked away from some opportunities but we believe for every door we have closed another fabulous door has opened.

This mindset is something we ask you to cement in your way of thinking. Life doesn’t always go to plan, it can get tough, things don’t always go your way but as Kara says (c/-  Oprah Winfrey) “Everything thats happening TO you is happening FOR YOU”.
Things happen for a reason and those tough life challenges you face are not blockages but are detours to a greater path so allow yourself to learn and grow from what is presented to you.  We have had some detours but they have lead us to greater opportunities, greater relationships, greater people that are more aligned with our vision.

Thank you for your patience!

Keopha: Internal view of Mindfulness Planner

Thank you…..and thanks for your patience!

So first thing is first……our crowd fund campaign has now completed and that means the introductory price has come to an end….BUT the good news is you can still pre-order via our website once it goes live later in the week.

We’d like to thank each and every one of you that has supported, pledged, pre-ordered. We are so humbled to know that YOU, our Keopha Community shares in the vision we have to share a lot of happiness.
Secondly…..and more importantly we would like to apologise for any confusion there may have been in the last 48 hours with PayPal payments. We encountered some technical difficulties with our account so were unable to receive payments. PayPal has now rectified this issue and your pledges and payments are slowly processing. So, thank  you again for your patience with this matter and apologies if you were confused with what happened.

Make sure you are following us on Instagram where we showcase our wonderful product and offer ideas on how to maximise using My MindFULL Year.  We will also have some more wonderful FREEBIES coming as well as some wonderful tips and tricks from the professionals.

If you haven’t checked us out on Facebook make sure you have a look, as we have been posting some great updates, an event for the online launch to keep you in the know and some great little happiness, health and mindfulness tips.

Thank You……you are amazing!

Keopha Founders: Kara Vaina and Elizabeth Casabene
We are so totally humbled and grateful…..

OMG Can you believe we have reached our first target in only 6 days……YUP 6 days only.  We couldn’t have done it without the love and support of all you wonderful supporters.

By reaching our target, this will allow us to do the minimum print required so we are really excited to be able to bring it to life. BUT….we have bigger dreams…..to disrupt the stationery world, to add happiness to more lives, to inspire people and most of all help people carry life’s memories with them. We would love to print in bigger numbers to allow us more available online after pre-order is finished, so keep sharing on social media, pledging and supporting.  We love you all!
Don’t leave it until later in the year as this price will not be seen again and you get FREE Shipping……so plan ahead for Christmas gifts, birthdays, teachers presents, etc.
We are so overwhelmed by the response and have had a number of corporate companies contact us regarding our planners as corporate gifts and co-branding for staff diaries etc.  Its not something we expected but are just so humbled by the response.

This vision was conceived after attending one of Deborah Hutton’s Balance workshops. Kara sent her an email thanking her for the push and inspiration she needed as well as sending her a planner to show her what she had inspired.  Deborah was in awe of the product and posted out on her social media channels and website.  We were so chuffed as it was totally unexpected. What a lovely, inspiring and supportive woman she is. Check it out HERE

Thought for the Day
Get up every morning and tell yourself “I CAN DO THIS”

What a whirlwind week its been!

Keopha Founders: Kara Vaina and Elizabeth Casabene
OMG we have had a whirlwind week……

Yes that’s right, well, not even a full week since launching and we have already reached 80% of our first target. We are sooo freaking excited and humbled.

We are so overwhelmed by the response we have had and are totally humbled and grateful for all of the love and support. We’ve had people sharing our posts, contacting us directly sending love and support, reposting on Instagram and the list goes on.

It is because of all of you that this dream of ours WILL come true and we will bring you My MindFULL Year to inspire you, allow you to carry life’s memories and share the love and happiness around.

Some people have had a little confusion as we are using a Crowdfund Platform for Pre Orders so their terminology is different.

So…..think of the word Pledge as Pre Order and the word Rewards as Planner/Packs. Its much easier to follow on a desktop, most of the confusion has been from people working on their phones. In saying that we have helped everyone through the process so if you have been confused when looking online contact us and we will help you out.

Our goal is to smash this target we set, as the target pledge amount was based on the minimum we can print. We want to spread the love and happiness as far as we can and this is such a great way to get it at a discounted price and with FREE shipping, so don’t hold back ordering now thinking you’ll get it later. Plan ahead. Why not buy them for your children’s school teachers, Kris Kringle gifts, birthday presents, staff gifts etc. There are so many options.

Who would have thought this one little idea of ours would have so much interest. WE DID. We know its fabulous and we know you will love it. Because WE DO!

Our Crowdfund Campaign is LIVE

Desk Flatlay


You can now pre order My MindFULL Year NOW.
Help us bring this to life to ensure you have your best year yet in 2017. Click Pre Order Now to support our campaign.
Instructions: Think of the word “Pledge” as Pre Order and the word “Rewards” as Planner/Packs.
  1. Click Pledge Now
  2. It will then say “Rewards”, By clicking on “Rewards” and scrolling down it will show you whats included, which in effect is the planners you are Pre Ordering.
  3. Select the Pack/Reward you would like
  4. Proceed through the process by registering your details and purchase information to confirm pre order
Once you have made your purchase be sure to share our Crowdfund Campaign on your social media platforms and join the movement to inspire others to be happy.
You can make a difference to not only your life but those around you and imagine your world full of inspiration, happy people. What a wonderful place that would be to live in.
Imagine if once upon a time in your life, without warning, a person, event, product, object made a profound change in your life for the better…..it could only mean one thing. The chances are high that My MindFULL Year will be the one.
Thank you in advance for your purchase as we know you are all as excited as we are and we can’t wait to bring it to life and see it in action.
If you haven’t checked us out on Facebook make sure you have a look, as we have been posting some great updates, an event for the online launch to keep you in the know and some great little happiness, health and mindfulness tips

Mindfulness Planner Superheros

Keopha: Passion Planner and Diary

It’s been hectic here at Keopha HQ with less than a month to go until launching our mindfulness planner. We are so very grateful for all of the positive response we have had and welcome hundreds of new people to our family.


Thought we would give you all an update of what has been going on in the world of Elizabeth and Kara at Keopha. Its fun, stressfull and exciting times in the lead up to launch…..and these are the Days of our Lives. LOL


Our graphic artist is working hard to finalise all our artwork for My MindFULL Year, as we have spent time going through it with a fine tooth comb to make sure its just perfect for you. This is a time precious job so we are making sure every I is dotted and every T is crossed. We’ve even added in a beautiful new recipe for winter into our mindfulness planner……mmmmm yummy!


We have our Superhero Website designer Julia Taine who is currently re-doing our website from the original landing page. Again lots of time and effort has gone into this to make it user friendly for you all. We want the process to be as quick and easy for you all as we know how frustrating it can get when shopping online if its too complicated, too time consuming and you can’t figure it out. We are also researching and going with the best fraud protection software for the online store possible as we want you all to feel safe while shopping with us. We are really proud and excited to say we are on page 1 of Google searches for Mindfulness Planner – and we all know how hard that is to do.


Kara has spent many days getting the office fully operational and cleaning it up so we have a fantastic creative space. We can now say we have an official Keopha HQ which is also exciting. Full of creativity, artwork, inspiration, colour and more. Check us out on Snapchat (Keopha) where we will let you into our every day life of a new start up company, the creative side of our mindfulness planner and artwork and much much more.

Desk Flatlay

Kara has been asked to do some mindfulness drawings for an upcoming project for women/parents that spend time in hospital with their sick children. She has done some fabulous stuff to date and can’t wait to help out a little to these wonderful women/parents experiencing hard times.


We’ve spent time speaking with postage/shipping companies this week to negotiate great rates so we can keep these at a low and affordable cost…..but stay tuned for the pre-order campaign where we might just be paying the shipping for you (shhhhh it’s a FREE secret)


Elizabeth has spent time getting our accounting software up and running lately and to ensure its all interfaced with our website. This will make generating and tracking of orders very easy etc. It’s the way of the future with online accounting and payroll software…..a whole new world!


Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement as Kara might just have been interviewed online for a podcast series…….no big deal lol.


If you haven’t checked us out on Facebook make sure you have a look, as we have been posting some great updates, an event for the online launch to keep you in the know and some great little happiness, health and mindfulness tips. FIND US ON FACEBOOK


Don’t forget the fabulous FREEBIES on offer when signing up to our mailing list SIGN UP NOW