Making a Difference

Keopha: My Mindful Year supports The Orange Pigeon

Its been a project in the making of nearly 12 months which has seen late nights, hard work, dedication, passion, creativity, tears, laughter and much more…..BUT its been well worth it. Our planner is moving along nicely, and fast might I add.

So….We are excited to announce we have recently partnered with The Orange Pigeon Foundation where a portion of each sale from our planners will be donated to making wishes come true and put a smile on people’s faces.

Elizabeth and I have always been avid donators to charity and love making a difference where we can. There’s nothing better than giving back to the people in need when we have been fortunate enough in our lives to live a very happy and comfortable life. That, we are extremely grateful for.

“The Orange Pigeon is a unique and special organisation and a symbol of hope, care and compassion for adults 18 years and older who have life threatening or terminal illnesses by granting them a wish or providing them with a simple comfort in their lives, giving moments of happiness and distraction away from their illness to help lift their spirits. The only adult wish granting organisation of its type in Australia.”

All charities rely on donations and corporate sponsorship however the smaller ones don’t get the exposure and support that the larger ones do. We were wanting to make a difference and find the right charity that connected and resonated with us on a personal level. We had been really touched by The Orange Pigeon story and the work that Lisa and Jen put in. After meeting Lisa at an event and hearing their story, we arranged coffee and cake date night with Lesley Lindsay, CEO….and it was an instant friendship with us all, a great connection of laughter, vision, tears, passion and a want, to make a difference.

Whilst we are living our dreams and passion to inspire you for a better life, travelling the world, creating memories, there are many people that don’t get to. We are extremely proud and honoured to be making a difference in these sick people and their families lives and plan on raising as much awareness and bringing as much joy to their worlds as we possibly can. Having already granted 115 wishes in only such a short time frame we look forward to granting so many more in years to come.

So get behind The Orange Pigeon to make a difference to these people…..bring a smile to their face and a distraction to their every day life battles.

To find out more about The Orange Pigeon please head to and see all the wonderful work they are doing.