Personalisation is here for your Mindfulness Planner!

Exciting News: Personalisation is here…..

We’ve been working hard in the background and are so excited to announce to all of our VIP family members…….we are offering “Personalisation” for your mindfulness planner.

With personalisation the must have trend of 2016, we couldn’t let you miss out so we are soooo excited to bring it to you. Get your beautiful diary personalised for 2017  or even as a gift for a friend or loved one. OMG I know you are thinking “I need this NOW!” so shoot us an email with “I WANT PERSONALISATION” in the subject straight away!

Want to personalise your planner? Have you purchased multiple planners with the thought of giving one away as a gift? Why not have their name or initials embossed on it to personalise it. How amazing is that!


Keopha: Gratitude Diary and Planner


Our “introductory” price to you is only $12.00……where else can you get a classy diary full of inspiration, healthy food recipes, reflexology, mindfulness colouring and much more AND personalised for so little?

How do I get this done I hear you ask……well shoot us an email straight away to with the following in the subject “I WANT PERSONALISATION” or by the latest 6pm (sharp) on the 31st October 2016.

We will collate all the orders and send you an email 48hours later with the details required and payment options to be paid immediately. We require a minimum of 50 units to proceed with personalising them all so don’t miss out, give yourself or loved one the best gift for Christmas to make 2017 the best year yet.

We also know you are waiting with baited breath to get your diaries as we have had a few messages from excited customers asking. Our printing is all done and dusted, sitting pretty in our warehouse but we expect to receive the covers at the end of October so will have them to you asap in November. We apologise for inconvenience but don’t worry you will definitely have them well and truly before Christmas in time to hand out as presents…….and PERSONALISED!

Don’t forget to shoot us an email to with “I WANT PERSONALISATION” in the subject. Eeeekkkkk we are so excited!

A Busy October…

Elizabeth and Kara attended Fashion Aid on the 10th September supporting The Orange Pigeon at Crown Casino.  It was a fabulous event full of style, catwalks, fundraising and joy.  We were honoured to be ask to join Lisa in raising awareness and watching her in action was simply inspiring. She does such a wonderful job and is huge reason for the success of The Orange Pigeon.

Elizabeth and Kara had a fabulous night on the 7th October supporting The Orange Pigeon at Ladies Night In as they granted a wish for an inspiring woman who has fought cancer.  What a story and what a privilege it was to witness and hear from Sue. The Orange Pigeon are our Queens, and we are continually inspired by the work they do and we are completely honoured to be partnered with them.

Delivery is fast approaching and everything is finally coming together. Our print run is expected to be delivered this week and all other items such as stickers, bookmarks, jewellery etc have already arrived, its just our covers that we are waiting on.  There has been a couple of hiccups at the warehouse and we don’t expect to receive the covers until the end of October so we will be working around the clock early November to get them out to you.  Yes it will be a couple of weeks later than originally expected but hey thats the joys of production and behind the scenes of putting together our wonderful product.
But, don’t worry your minds about it, you will be set and ready to go for 2017 and have them in time for Christmas if you had ordered as a gift, we will make sure of that.  We have many friends and family that will help get all orders out as fast as we possibly can cos we know you are all excited to receive yours. Haven’t pre-ordered yours yet?? Don’t worry we have extras on order to accommodate

Wowsers…..what a month!

Keopha: Planner and Diary
Elizabeth and Kara have had a lot of fun this month attending the Trade Fairs and finding new and exciting products to compliment the My MindFULL Year planner. We want to bring to you, fun, exciting, unique and quirky things that inspire you to stay positive, be present and enjoy life the way its meant to be……HAPPY!   We can’t wait to introduce them to our Keopha Community soon…..we know you are just going to love them.

Kara and Elizabeth have been hustling hard in the background to collaborate with some fabulous local businesses, so we will have some exciting announcements coming to you soon. We don’t want My MindFULL Year in the hands of anyone and everyone, we want to align with people who have the same values as us, the same vision and who can inspire and empower people to make a difference. Its this reason we have walked away from some opportunities but we believe for every door we have closed another fabulous door has opened.

This mindset is something we ask you to cement in your way of thinking. Life doesn’t always go to plan, it can get tough, things don’t always go your way but as Kara says (c/-  Oprah Winfrey) “Everything thats happening TO you is happening FOR YOU”.
Things happen for a reason and those tough life challenges you face are not blockages but are detours to a greater path so allow yourself to learn and grow from what is presented to you.  We have had some detours but they have lead us to greater opportunities, greater relationships, greater people that are more aligned with our vision.