What a whirlwind week its been!

Keopha Founders: Kara Vaina and Elizabeth Casabene
OMG we have had a whirlwind week……

Yes that’s right, well, not even a full week since launching and we have already reached 80% of our first target. We are sooo freaking excited and humbled.

We are so overwhelmed by the response we have had and are totally humbled and grateful for all of the love and support. We’ve had people sharing our posts, contacting us directly sending love and support, reposting on Instagram and the list goes on.

It is because of all of you that this dream of ours WILL come true and we will bring you My MindFULL Year to inspire you, allow you to carry life’s memories and share the love and happiness around.

Some people have had a little confusion as we are using a Crowdfund Platform for Pre Orders so their terminology is different.

So…..think of the word Pledge as Pre Order and the word Rewards as Planner/Packs. Its much easier to follow on a desktop, most of the confusion has been from people working on their phones. In saying that we have helped everyone through the process so if you have been confused when looking online contact us and we will help you out.

Our goal is to smash this target we set, as the target pledge amount was based on the minimum we can print. We want to spread the love and happiness as far as we can and this is such a great way to get it at a discounted price and with FREE shipping, so don’t hold back ordering now thinking you’ll get it later. Plan ahead. Why not buy them for your children’s school teachers, Kris Kringle gifts, birthday presents, staff gifts etc. There are so many options.

Who would have thought this one little idea of ours would have so much interest. WE DID. We know its fabulous and we know you will love it. Because WE DO!

Our Crowdfund Campaign is LIVE

Desk Flatlay


You can now pre order My MindFULL Year NOW.
Help us bring this to life to ensure you have your best year yet in 2017. Click Pre Order Now to support our campaign.
Instructions: Think of the word “Pledge” as Pre Order and the word “Rewards” as Planner/Packs.
  1. Click Pledge Now
  2. It will then say “Rewards”, By clicking on “Rewards” and scrolling down it will show you whats included, which in effect is the planners you are Pre Ordering.
  3. Select the Pack/Reward you would like
  4. Proceed through the process by registering your details and purchase information to confirm pre order
Once you have made your purchase be sure to share our Crowdfund Campaign on your social media platforms and join the movement to inspire others to be happy.
You can make a difference to not only your life but those around you and imagine your world full of inspiration, happy people. What a wonderful place that would be to live in.
Imagine if once upon a time in your life, without warning, a person, event, product, object made a profound change in your life for the better…..it could only mean one thing. The chances are high that My MindFULL Year will be the one.
Thank you in advance for your purchase as we know you are all as excited as we are and we can’t wait to bring it to life and see it in action.
If you haven’t checked us out on Facebook make sure you have a look, as we have been posting some great updates, an event for the online launch to keep you in the know and some great little happiness, health and mindfulness tips