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Hey there, we are so excited to share box loads of LOVE and KINDNESS with our awesome new Kindness Kards. These gorgeous box sets include 31 Kards packed full of random acts of kindness, self motivation, love and just plain and simple kindness. We can’t wait to spread it round to the globe.
For any of you following our journey on Instagram or Facebook we have announced My MindFULL Year is officially a “PLIARY” which is a combination of a Planner and a Diary.  We’ve had many people ask us about our layout, whats included, whats inside, is it a planner, is it a diary…..well its a combination of all of that. So we created a PLIARY.  Its unique to us here at Keopha HQ.
We have also done a restock on our website so if you are needing any gifts, Kris Kringle ideas, teachers presents or simply just want to inspire someone with a gift to make 2017 their best yet then head to our website.
All of our personalised Pliaries have now been dispatched so if you haven’t received yours it can’t be too far away.  We’ve received so many messages of love, support, excitement, encouragement and people telling us they love it, we couldn’t be more happy. Be sure to tell us what you think, send us a message, share a snap on Instagram so we can share them out.  Don’t forget to include our hashtag #mymindfullyear so we can see them and share.
Your November FREEBIE is also here…..yup thats right, its here in your mailbox to download. Keep reading and you’ll find some Christmas Shopping List goodness to print off and keep track of your list, presents and budgeted spend for this year. Stay on track and don’t over-spend like most others, or if you’re like Kara, you forget about the gifts you’ve brought throughout the year after hiding them in cupboards and then go out and re-purchase and end up spending double.

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