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So the new decade is upon us and we’re all seeking something…whether it’s peace, calm, positivity, balance, strength, wellness, confidence, self love or simply life at a slower pace so I thought what better time to sit and have this little chat with you all.


Five years ago when I had my mental breakdown (read more here,) I found myself locked in my closet, hunched in a ball, crying and screaming cos I didn’t what to do and at that point knew it was time to get help. And so I did. I took mindfulness by the hands and began to implement these small changes into my world so I didn’t get overwhelmed by everything all at once.


You see, when I first started on my mindfulness journey 5 years ago I was totally overwhelmed with where to start. Gosh everyone was telling me to get fit, meditate, go for a walk, be healthy blah blah blah and to be honest I just didn’t know where to start. I hear you nodding along wondering how and where do you even begin.


At this time of year it’s hectic, I’m busy with work, kids activities, Christmas activities, school holidays, packing all of your wonderful pliary orders and of course… I get myself into a state of just go go go and then when I crash and burn I end up so exhausted that I feel like I can sleep for 3 months. I’m sure some of you feel the same so if you are wanting to start 2020 with a great attitude and some self care then keep reading.


I recently put the call out on Instagram @mymindfulyear and asked everyone what was the ONE POSITIVE WORD YOU ARE TAKING INTO 2020 and the response was overwhelming. Although having a word to live by in 2020 is great, mindfulness is all about a multitude of small things that help us achieve this.


So in light of this, I’m wanting to assist you and take the overwhelm out of life and give you 30 DAYS TO MINDFULNESS. These are all of the things that I do when I’m not coping and need to ground myself and help keep my anxiety at bay and I’m sharing them all with you.


You can play along at your own pace but print the attachment, pop it on the fridge and each day select ONE thing you will do to implement mindfulness into your world…and the best part is I’ll be creating two more months worth so you can do over a three month period.


For those of you that join in the fun, I’d love you to tag us @mymindfulyear on Instagram and use the hashtags #mindfulyear | #pliary | #30daystomindfulness

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Much luv,

Kara, Founder



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