Ready, Set……GOAL!

Getting over the Christmas food coma?

Desk Flatlay

Eeeeeekkkkkk its nearly time to click over into 2017…….

So what is it that you want this year? Is it balance, is it financial stability, is it a stronger focus on family or is it just time to enjoy being YOU. Well it can be all of the above, there’s nothing stopping you, however remember its best to write it down because its only sucking up more brain space when you keep it inside. Oh and more importantly the universe delivers once you’ve had to courage to write it down and put it out there. Yes that’s write…..write it down, we dare you!

Remember these goals are unique to you and not for you to justify to others. These are things that make YOU happy so be genuine and let it out.

Think about what family means, do you want to go on more adventures, reconnect with a loved one, be present or even extend your family. What are your goals for personal development? They don’t need to be huge, and you may not be a big fan of paying to attend personal development courses but personal development is all about learning. It can be little things like, learning to cook, attending a free workshop, learning something at your local community centre even through to attending large scale events to grow your business, change your mindset and breakthrough self limiting belief’s. Whatever it maybe for you that helps you grow as an individual then write it down and make an action plan to get going to achieve it.

This should take you no longer than half an hour. Don’t get anxiety thinking about what you need to write down, what huge goals you need to achieve, procrastinate about it, these can be small, medium or large scale items that you want to achieve BUT make sure you get them down. If you don’t write them down you’ll never feel like your accomplishing anything and succeeding.

Here are 5 Hot Tips for our Goal Setting page:

• Short and sweet, don’t overthink it
• The first thing that comes to your mind or something you can’t stop

  thinking about
• Challenge yourself with a couple of bigger goals because you will work
  harder to reach it and in turn feel more satisfied
• Don’t compare your goals to others, these are unique to you
• Believe in YOURSELF because you CAN achieve these goals
Much love to you all, Kara & Elizabeth

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