Pre Orders are coming….

Pre Orders for My Mindful Year 2018 Pliaries are coming……..real soon!

I know you’ve all be wondering when our Pliaries will be available, so I don’t want to hold you in suspense any longer. The excitement within me has been hard to contain. I’ve worked hard on getting the artwork for the front cover right and I couldn’t be more happy or proud with out how its turned out. I hope you like them. This year I’m bring you 3 new babies to the My Mindful Year community……Purpose, Passion and Tranquil.

 The Lotus is symbolic for “blooming through murky waters” which also aligns with my logo….the kids hands in the shape of a lotus flower. It brings beauty, peace and tranquillity and its hand drawn by ME. Yup that beauty is all from the hands of me where I find peace, beauty and tranquility myself when I’m drawing. I’m so pleased with how the manufacturer has represented it.

Pre Orders for My Mindful Year 2018 Pliaries will open on the 7th July 2017 and we invite anyone interested in purchasing or pre-ordering to join our mailing list as you will receive an exciting discount to use.

The response to date has been amazing and I can’t help but dream to produce double when was printed last year. So in my mission to share love, help you implement mindfulness into your life (easily) and keep your “shit” together like I’ve learnt to do over time I ask you to share, invite and spread the love. I’ve finally come to place of comfort knowing that i’m helping you all out there because you are sick of all of the boring black and white diaries out there, gratitude journals, planners blah blah the list goes on. You can get it all in one place in My Mindful Year.

Last year we sold out in 6 short weeks as I just didn’t expect the overwhelming response I received. It was beyond imaginable so I’m opening it up earlier to help you all out…..and me too. This will give me the numbers prior to ordering so I can afford to have enough on hand. You see the problem with printing is that there are so many variables and I just don’t have a spare 100K to print the thousands that I may need in the hope they might sell. So I’m asking you to help me out here by Pre Ordering a Pliary or Pliaries, so I can do my best to get the volume out there and assisting you all to have a mindful year in 2018.

So if you aren’t in our VIP community to receive your discount coupon for Pre Orders you need to JOIN NOW 

You’ll also receive updates, tips tricks, freebies, offers and more so join a community where we celebrate the wins and share the love.


To wrap it up, you know the deal, head to My Mindful Year and join, confirm your email subscription, keep an eye on your inbox for updates and your AWESOME discount code that you’ll be able to use on the 7th July.


Much love to you all, K xx



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