Magnetic Bookmarks

So we have had a few people asking about the Magnetic Bookmarks that were available in the Gift Pack/Multi Packs via our Pre-Order Campaign… we thought it was about time we let you know they are available to you.
Mark your diary with these fabulous magnetic bookmarks
If you purchased an individual planner (not a Gift Pack or Multi Pack) and would like to get one of these awesome little Magnetic Bookmarks to mark your page in your diary then check out the important information below.
These bookmarks are $4.95 on our website and as you have already ordered we are happy to take payment directly for these and send them out to you in the same package…..which saves you purchasing via the web and paying additional delivery on a small item.
We will be packing orders on Tuesday and Wednesday to start dispatching them, so please jump on this straight away to get it into the delivery.  Please email us at with the below details by Monday 7th November at 10pm and to confirm you have made payment. Please put in the subject MAGNETIC BOOKMARK ORDER.
Name (in which you placed order under):
Magnetic Bookmark: Number?
Payment Made: YES
TIP: copy & paste the above information into a new email
The price is $4.95 per bookmark (i.e 2 bookmarks = $9.90).  Please make your payment to:
Keopha Pty Ltd
BSB: 083-961
Acct: 95 844 2838
Reference: YOUR NAME per order
Please note we will hold off dispatching your planner until funds clear into our account.

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