How is your 2017 going?

Can you believe we are nearly at the end of January already?
I’m sure you all had a little break whether it was a getaway, holiday or a staycation….its nice to have some downtime BUT I’m sure all of you mothers are looking forward to the kids going back to school as we are.
We took some time off as well to refuel but we definitely got excited about using our pliaries. Have you been setting your intentions each week?  It doesn’t have to be anything huge, even small things like “sort out school uniforms” or “drink a glass of water each day”.  Small steps in the right direction are better than no steps at all, so remember to wake up with intention.
Reflexology…… we are approaching the reflexology component of our pliaries so we encourage you to take a photo of your feet. Sit in front of the mirror and snap a photo on your phone or even get one of the kids, a friend or a selfie stick to help with snapping the shot. If you can’t print the photo out to insert into your pliary then save it on your phone in your favourites and make weekly reminders in your pliary to check and reflect on the improvement.
Here are some of the steps per pliary to try changing your attitude about your feet:
  • Start working toward being happy with who YOU are
  • Surround yourself with pink or green – clothing, food, flowers or candles
  • Carry a small rose quartz crystal which assists with unconditional love of the self
  • Daily affirmation – I love and approve of myself unconditionally
  • Each day do at least one thing that makes you feel good
  • Try smiling at strangers – set yourself a target of 5 per day
If you’d like to find out more about reflexology then head to and connect with Lyn Fava our Reflexology specialist.

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