Get excited……they’re ready to go.

Keopha Founders: Kara Vaina and Elizabeth Casabene

OMG Can you believe it……we packed over 400 hundred orders today and they are ready for delivery.  Its been a massive day but we are so excited and proud to be able to get them to you now.
Local orders (Western Suburbs of Melbourne) will be hand delivered in coming days and all other orders will be couriered. We endeavour to have them all dispatched by the end of the week.  We thank you for your patience and know you will love your little package arriving in your hot little hands.
For those of you having PERSONALISATION or purchasing a MAGNETIC BOOKMARK please remember to make payment and send us an email to by latest Wednesday (ideally tomorrow, Tuesday 8th November). We don’t want to start dispatching your orders if you had planned to have Personalisation etc. Payment details are per below.  If you have already sent an email for Personalisation and/or Bookmark order thank you.
Keopha Pty Ltd
BSB: 083-961
Acct: 85 844 2838
Reference: YOUR NAME per order
So here is the important information you have been waiting for.  To ensure there are NO printing errors we require the following information and payment to be made by Wednesday 9th November and info sent by email to with PERSONALISATION in the subject.
Name (in which you placed order under):
Colour Ordered:
What you would like personalised/printed on planner (max 6 characters and letters only):
Magnetic Bookmark: Number?
TIP: copy & paste the above information into a new email
If you ordered more than one and would like multiples personalised please specify the colour and what you would like personalised for all individual planners.  Please ensure that all details (spelling) are 100% correct to ensure you receive exactly what you have asked for.
The price is $12.00 per planner for personalisation (i.e 2 planners personalised = $24.00).  Please make your payment to:
Keopha Pty Ltd
BSB: 083-961
Acct: 85 844 2838
Reference: YOUR NAME per order
Please note that should we not have your funds cleared into our account by Wednesday 9th November we will not be able to proceed with your personalisation as its a bulk print run and it will hold up the remainder of the print job aka personalising everyone elses.
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