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Keopha: Mindfullness Planner and Diary

Hi! Kara Vaina here. I am extremely excited to announce I have partnered with my long time friend, Elizabeth Casabene to design, produce and launch a new company and product, My MindFULL Year. Have you ever thought that Life’s Goals become Life’s Memories……

Life is about reaching your goals, being happy and creating wonderful memories. So, imagine you were able to achieve everything you wanted for the year as well as carry your memories along your journey?

Like no other product on the market its beautifully designed, a high quality functional planner and life coach in the palm of your hand.  There is goal setting, reflection, happiness tracker, shopping lists, mindfulness colouring, healthy food recipes, bright colourful motivation and inspirational quotes and lots more to keep you on track to reach your goals and be organised.

This whole concept came about during a discussion about purchasing our diary for the following year, yet couldn’t decide which diary we would try this time around. “Wouldn’t it be good if we could put something together with everything we want, a real personalised diary”.  Even insert our photos into the diary to carry along with us so we remember the fantastic times and memories we have created.

We struggled to live an organised, healthy, inspired, mindful life when co-ordinating business, social, mum lifestyle so the thought of inspiring others, giving back to the community and helping other budding entrepreneurs live an organised and healthy mindful life was something that inspired us.  My passion for creativity, reignited my love for drawing, scrapbooking and Elizabeth got straight into working on the computer playing with layouts and concepts……..and so My MindFULL Year was created.

Kara and Elizabeth Keopha
Creating My MindFULL Year (My Mindful Year) we have designed for you that one useful planner that carries your whole life, sets out everything you need and is designed to keep you motivated, inspired, track your progress all while living a healthy and mindful life. We’ve even got areas for you to put your photos in to keep your memories with you and reflect on the wonderful times you’ve had, to keep a smile on your face.

We have had an overwhelming response, with friends, family, colleagues, mums, entrepreneurs etc screaming at us for it to be launched quickly.  We are however taking our time as we want to launch it properly, dot our i’s, cross our t’s and make sure it is just absolutely perfect.

So the exciting news is, that it’s on its way, in production. We are working closely with our amazing Graphic Artist who shares our vision and will have samples within the next couple of weeks. Our next step is to get going on our marketing campaign, so its Lights, Camera, Action!!

Follow our amazing journey, be inspired and get your FREE Downloads at


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