Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Knot

Don’t get your knickers in a knot……its just a cleaner way!

I love cooking but hate the preparation and clean up and with fussy eaters in the house I don’t get to cook a lot of variety. As many of you have read, I struggled with my little man and his behaviour (click here if you missed it) so have looked at alternatives to assist with maintaining calmness in the house and within him. So… was naturally one of the first things I reviewed. My doctor recommended I pop him onto a “Gluten Free Diet” and its been the best thing I did.


There is no statistical data that Gluten Free “fixes” behaviour or the challenging issues I face however there is a lot of research available to show the impact of various foods being Gluten and certain preservatives can have a massive impact. So I decided I was going to cut these out of Mstr 3’s diet. And the difference has been noticeably positive. Even his daycare provider has said it was the best thing I did for him and recommending the diet change to other parents.


It has however been a steep learning curve for me as I was uneducated about Gluten and what foods contained it. I’d always struggled with gut issues myself so I figured it wouldn’t hurt either of us to start a fresh.  After much reading and research I’ve come to learn that a Gluten Free diet is really just cleaner eating. I don’t really know what all the fuss is about and why people snicker at it and get their knickers in a knot.


As I vowed to implement cleaner eating into our lives I’ve been trialling new ways of cooking and new foods. But also seeking a variety of products and food that make life easier. I am across Baby Bars, a pre packaged bake at home mix product. It was something so easy for me to put together considering I hated the prep involved in clean eating. It’s designed especially for toddlers and kids and they have a variety of packs for you to choose from.

Someone had recommended their Gluten Free Apple, Almond & Coconut Bars to me and said they were so easy to make/bake. So it was my first choice. Who knew the availability and variety of Gluten Free was so big now. I’d never had to take much notice but it really has grown into a thriving food industry.

I received the package in the mail and all I needed from home or the supermarket was Apples and Eggs….everything else was supplied. Aaaaawwwwwesooooome!  One less thing to think about when I’m sorting the groceries. The four step process to make them was so easy and simplified so yet another tick on my list for things I was loving.  I got both of my sons involved in baking them. They were able to mix the ingredients and then pop it in the baking tray to cook. It smelt delicious. Even the kids thought so. As we waited with baited breath for it to cook we were able to eat it warm and fresh. Yuummmmm.


The kids loved it. We sat at the bench having milkshakes and fresh warm slice straight out of the oven together. Woop Woop what a win.  So my overview of this is that it was a winner in our house. So easy for me to cook up, cut into lunchbox snacks and the kids enjoyed a healthy treat. If you’re wanting to try it out head to Baby Bars – its been a great find.


These really are a great snack for the whole family so don’t worry that its designed for kids. You’ll love it and its so quick and easy.

All in all, don’t get your knickers in a knot with a Gluten Free diet, its just a cleaner way of eating really. Even if you reduce gluten to a minimum you will notice a change in how you feel. I did and noticed a difference within two weeks and I won’t turn back.


Much love to you all this week, Kara


PS – this was not a sponsored post, just simply sharing the love. xx

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