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So the new decade is upon us and we’re all seeking something…whether it’s peace, calm, positivity, balance, strength, wellness, confidence, self love or simply life at a slower pace so I thought what better time to sit and have this little chat with you all.


Five years ago when I had my mental breakdown (read more here,) I found myself locked in my closet, hunched in a ball, crying and screaming cos I didn’t what to do and at that point knew it was time to get help. And so I did. I took mindfulness by the hands and began to implement these small changes into my world so I didn’t get overwhelmed by everything all at once.


You see, when I first started on my mindfulness journey 5 years ago I was totally overwhelmed with where to start. Gosh everyone was telling me to get fit, meditate, go for a walk, be healthy blah blah blah and to be honest I just didn’t know where to start. I hear you nodding along wondering how and where do you even begin.


At this time of year it’s hectic, I’m busy with work, kids activities, Christmas activities, school holidays, packing all of your wonderful pliary orders and of course… I get myself into a state of just go go go and then when I crash and burn I end up so exhausted that I feel like I can sleep for 3 months. I’m sure some of you feel the same so if you are wanting to start 2020 with a great attitude and some self care then keep reading.


I recently put the call out on Instagram @mymindfulyear and asked everyone what was the ONE POSITIVE WORD YOU ARE TAKING INTO 2020 and the response was overwhelming. Although having a word to live by in 2020 is great, mindfulness is all about a multitude of small things that help us achieve this.


So in light of this, I’m wanting to assist you and take the overwhelm out of life and give you 30 DAYS TO MINDFULNESS. These are all of the things that I do when I’m not coping and need to ground myself and help keep my anxiety at bay and I’m sharing them all with you.


You can play along at your own pace but print the attachment, pop it on the fridge and each day select ONE thing you will do to implement mindfulness into your world…and the best part is I’ll be creating two more months worth so you can do over a three month period.


For those of you that join in the fun, I’d love you to tag us @mymindfulyear on Instagram and use the hashtags #mindfulyear | #pliary | #30daystomindfulness

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Much luv,

Kara, Founder



Insomnia is a bitch….

I’ve always been a good sleeper but since having kids I don’t find that I get a real deep sleep. I hear the roof crackle, the toilet flush, the insects breath lol (you get the gist).  But in the last two years I’ve had a bad case of insomnia on and off. I go through phases where I sleep quite well and then I can go for months where I’m living off three to four hours sleep a night. It’s exhausting, emotionally draining and makes me moody and teary. It’s really not fun.Continue Reading →

Is Abby Gilmore all she’s cracked up to be?

Is Abby Gilmore all she’s cracked up to be?

There’s a world of social media where we get ourselves engulfed in someone else’s world. Its like a big black hole where we can immerse ourselves in their life and feel like we’re living it with them. We’re intrigued to know what they do, when they do it, how they do it and we even feel like we’re apart of their family. I bet you’ve got a few faves on Instagram you totally stalk don’t you? Hell yeh I do. Sophie Cachia, Abby Gilmore, Zoe Foster-Blake, I Heart Bargains, Mums with Hustle, Celeste Barber, The Real Dads of Melbourne to name a few.

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5 Top Tips for Implementing Mindfulness

5 Top Tips for Implementing Mindfulness into Your Life


So you keep hearing the word ‘mindfulness’ and wonder how you can implement into your day? Yes, that was me as well two years ago. How can I possibly eat healthy every day, exercise, take time out for myself, meditate blah blah. Well the more I started to implement these little things into my life, the more it became just part of my day. So I practice mindfulness everyday now.

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You’ll be surprised with these results

Oh hey, can you believe we are almost at the end of April? My goodness this year is just flying by but we hope you that you’ve learnt so much, come so far, taken time to reflect and enjoyed the journey so far.
The response to My Jnr MindFULL Year has been fabulous and we love receiving messages and pics of your kids using it, thank you.  So many kiddies out there enjoying the benefits of mindfulness which will see many positive changes.
Did you know that Forbes magazine recently published an article about a school in Baltimore that replaced “the classic sit in your seat and suffer hoping that kids will spontaneously reevaluate their own behaviour through punishment” with “teaching kids to focus their breath and on the present moment” and the results have been amazing.
The school has found that the children now have “Increased Attention, a bump in attendance and grades, a reprieve from outside trauma, better mental health, self awareness and self regulation, social-emotional development”.  Some of these amazing results have left them pleasantly surprised with a huge turn around in the attitudes towards learning from these students.
“Kids who practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness build skills of attention, self awareness, self management leading to more responsible decision making and prosocial behaviour” says Yoga 4 Classrooms founder Lisa Flynn”.  Wow can you believe that something that takes only 15-30 minutes a day (maybe even 2-3 times a week) can have such a positive outcome on your child, their behaviour and learning?  Who would have thought? We did.  Kara has implemented a number of mindfulness tactics with her children, predominantly her eldest son and has noticed a huge change in his appreciation, self confidence and behaviours.  He’s even practicing such strategies on his own now without even knowing they are specifically mindfulness which is nice to see.
Mindfulness contributes directly to the development of cognitive and performance skills but its much more than that. It can help improve self confidence, innovative thinking, problem solving skills and improves their attention span and memory.
With resilience, bullying, lack of confidence and self awareness playing a big role in society today we really feel that we wanted to change the way of kids today. We really wanted to ensure they have positive tools to assist with all the external factors in our way of life which can see them through the teen school years, inspiring them, empowering them, motivating them, clearing their thoughts, offering strategies and much more.
I’m sure some of the above results are surprising to you but why not offer your child something positive in their life to improve their wellbeing, reduce their worries, help their self esteem, self confidence and self awareness. What have you got to loose right?

It’s all in the mind….

How to Catapult Your Biz Confidence & Self-Belief

Do you have an inner voice that questions whether you’ve got what it really takes to make your biz successful? That wonders if your biz is actually gonna make it? often plays with your self-belief… that makes you wonder… can I actually do this? Do I believe with 100% certainty that I can and will be successful in my biz?

Me too and it sucks.

But what I want you to realise is that we all have that shitty little inner voice that makes us question ourselves. You, me, and even that super successful entrepreneur you’ve been idolising. ALL of us.

But what separates the big players from the small ones – is the power you give your doubts and what you choose do with them, because it’s this that will affect your results.

And your choices will look a little bit like this:

A) Avoid the feelings and don’t deal with them – but have them impact you nonetheless (FACT);
B) Tackle them head on, lay them to rest and move onwards and upwards.

Now most people will opt for A – because it’s safer and as humans we actively avoid pain and discomfort (aka the comfort zone cling on). However, it’s only when you are able to embrace B, that you will in fact learn and grow in self and business.

You see with most negative emotions there is actually an insight waiting to be uncovered that can help move you out of your discomfort to a better place. In coaching we like to see negative emotions as really just a red flag, a cue so to speak, to let you know something’s not working for you and you need to make some changes

So if you’re experiencing doubts in life or biz, then your message loud and clear is that there are probably some underlying issues to be addressed and you need to learn what those are and then get to work on them.

Let me expand on this further and bring it to life for you:

If you’re plagued with negative self talk like “I can’t do this”, “I don’t have what it takes” “I’m never going to be a successful entrepreneur” – there’s probably some negative belief systems working against you – that if left unchallenged, will continue to hold you back and keep you playing small… potentially for the rest of your life.

Likewise, if you have doubts about your business “I can’t stand out”, “my competitors are better than me,” “my marketing isn’t working”– there’s likely to be holes in your business model, process and / or strategy – or even in your skill set, which will obviously impact your ability to grow your business and be successful with it.

With all of this in mind then – I’m sure you’re beginning to see that perhaps your doubts can actually hold a key to a better place if you choose to lean into them and look to learn what lies beneath them so you can take positive action. Because the flipside (avoidance) really can and will cripple you and your business.

Ok so how do you get up close and personal with your doubts and really look to grow from them? Well it takes time and some work – but I’ve posted some kick ass coaching questions to get you started.

These questions have been designed to help you start thinking about the origins of your doubts and help you begin to challenge and work through them so you can move on and lay them to rest.

If your doubts come from your capabilities, work through the following:

  •  What doubts do you have about yourself and capabilities?
  •  Where do you believe they originate from (go back as far as you can remember)
  •  How valid are these doubts really?
  •  What evidence do you have for them?
  •  And most importantly what evidence do you have against them?
  •  How will holding on to this doubt move you toward the life you want?
  •  What new beliefs around yourself will better serve you in life that you can begin to embrace?
  •  How will your family benefit if you embrace this new way of thinking?
  •  What will you choose to believe about yourself moving forward?

If your doubts come from your biz:

  •  What are the 5 core challenges you are experiencing in business?
  •  And why specifically are these challenges?
  •  What areas of your business do you actively avoid and for what reason?
  •  What steps might you have you missed in your research / planning / strategy?
  •  Where do you feel you need help?
  •  What skills are you missing?
  •  Looking at your answer to the questions above… what can you start to do differently to address your problem areas?
  •  What goals / targets can you set yourself to fill any skills / knowledge gaps?

As you can see, there’s a lot of food for thought as you work your way through these.

Well ladies, that’s it, the choice is now yours. If you’re holding any doubts at all right now, I urge you to empower yourself and choose to use them as fuel for good – as a tool for life-long change and as a stepping-stone to the outcome you want.

So go lean in, learn and transform your doubts into certainty, assurance and belief and watch your results change.

Here’s to your success – and to you truly believing you can.
Do you have an inner voice that often plays with your self-belief… that makes you wonder… can I actually do this? Do I believe with 100% certainty that I can and will be successful in my So… for the record. We all have that shitty little inner voice that makes us question ourselves. You, me, that person sitting in the room with you. ALL of us.

And don’t even let me get started on mums with this negative Nelly self-talk.
Often, as I well know, we choose to exit the workforce for an extended period so that we can dedicate our time and energy to being present for our littles. And whilst this journey is incredibly fulfilling on so many fronts, we often as a result tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own.

And when it comes to wanting to do anything for ourselves, let alone anything outside of our comfort zones like starting a small biz, well… the act of doing so seems nearly impossible and massively overwhelming…

This aside, we all know that it’s no small feat to start a successful small business. In fact, 60% of small businesses owners fail within their first year.
So what I want for you to gain from this piece today are 2 key insights on how to catapult your confidence and self-belief so that you’re able to really REALLY own that powerful mindset that you deserve to kick massive goals in your biz.
Now, if you’re keen to do a real deep dive into this area and REALLY take serious action when it comes to crushing any negative self-talk you have – then we’re hosting a 3-Day Mindset Challenge, which kicks off on Tues Apr 18 (the day after Easter) … where we’ll be delivering you hands on help to create some major mindset shifts across your life and biz.

This Mindset Challenge will have you walking away feeling empowered and ready to kick some massive goals in your biz.

To join us, CLICK HERE.
Anna is a Life & Business Coach.
And Owner and Co-founder of Business School for Mums.

Business School for Mums is an online business school designed to help Mums in Business Thrive.

Alongside business and marketing skills – mindset and life coaching sit at the heart of what Anna & her biz partner Flori teach go their students… to ensure that their students have a truly 360 approach to taking their business to success.