5 Top Tips for Implementing Mindfulness

5 Top Tips for Implementing Mindfulness into Your Life


So you keep hearing the word ‘mindfulness’ and wonder how you can implement into your day? Yes, that was me as well two years ago. How can I possibly eat healthy every day, exercise, take time out for myself, meditate blah blah. Well the more I started to implement these little things into my life, the more it became just part of my day. So I practice mindfulness everyday now.

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You’ll be surprised with these results

Oh hey, can you believe we are almost at the end of April? My goodness this year is just flying by but we hope you that you’ve learnt so much, come so far, taken time to reflect and enjoyed the journey so far.
The response to My Jnr MindFULL Year has been fabulous and we love receiving messages and pics of your kids using it, thank you.  So many kiddies out there enjoying the benefits of mindfulness which will see many positive changes.
Did you know that Forbes magazine recently published an article about a school in Baltimore that replaced “the classic sit in your seat and suffer hoping that kids will spontaneously reevaluate their own behaviour through punishment” with “teaching kids to focus their breath and on the present moment” and the results have been amazing.
The school has found that the children now have “Increased Attention, a bump in attendance and grades, a reprieve from outside trauma, better mental health, self awareness and self regulation, social-emotional development”.  Some of these amazing results have left them pleasantly surprised with a huge turn around in the attitudes towards learning from these students.
“Kids who practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness build skills of attention, self awareness, self management leading to more responsible decision making and prosocial behaviour” says Yoga 4 Classrooms founder Lisa Flynn”.  Wow can you believe that something that takes only 15-30 minutes a day (maybe even 2-3 times a week) can have such a positive outcome on your child, their behaviour and learning?  Who would have thought? We did.  Kara has implemented a number of mindfulness tactics with her children, predominantly her eldest son and has noticed a huge change in his appreciation, self confidence and behaviours.  He’s even practicing such strategies on his own now without even knowing they are specifically mindfulness which is nice to see.
Mindfulness contributes directly to the development of cognitive and performance skills but its much more than that. It can help improve self confidence, innovative thinking, problem solving skills and improves their attention span and memory.
With resilience, bullying, lack of confidence and self awareness playing a big role in society today we really feel that we wanted to change the way of kids today. We really wanted to ensure they have positive tools to assist with all the external factors in our way of life which can see them through the teen school years, inspiring them, empowering them, motivating them, clearing their thoughts, offering strategies and much more.
I’m sure some of the above results are surprising to you but why not offer your child something positive in their life to improve their wellbeing, reduce their worries, help their self esteem, self confidence and self awareness. What have you got to loose right?

It’s all in the mind….

How to Catapult Your Biz Confidence & Self-Belief

Do you have an inner voice that questions whether you’ve got what it really takes to make your biz successful? That wonders if your biz is actually gonna make it? often plays with your self-belief… that makes you wonder… can I actually do this? Do I believe with 100% certainty that I can and will be successful in my biz?

Me too and it sucks.

But what I want you to realise is that we all have that shitty little inner voice that makes us question ourselves. You, me, and even that super successful entrepreneur you’ve been idolising. ALL of us.

But what separates the big players from the small ones – is the power you give your doubts and what you choose do with them, because it’s this that will affect your results.

And your choices will look a little bit like this:

A) Avoid the feelings and don’t deal with them – but have them impact you nonetheless (FACT);
B) Tackle them head on, lay them to rest and move onwards and upwards.

Now most people will opt for A – because it’s safer and as humans we actively avoid pain and discomfort (aka the comfort zone cling on). However, it’s only when you are able to embrace B, that you will in fact learn and grow in self and business.

You see with most negative emotions there is actually an insight waiting to be uncovered that can help move you out of your discomfort to a better place. In coaching we like to see negative emotions as really just a red flag, a cue so to speak, to let you know something’s not working for you and you need to make some changes

So if you’re experiencing doubts in life or biz, then your message loud and clear is that there are probably some underlying issues to be addressed and you need to learn what those are and then get to work on them.

Let me expand on this further and bring it to life for you:

If you’re plagued with negative self talk like “I can’t do this”, “I don’t have what it takes” “I’m never going to be a successful entrepreneur” – there’s probably some negative belief systems working against you – that if left unchallenged, will continue to hold you back and keep you playing small… potentially for the rest of your life.

Likewise, if you have doubts about your business “I can’t stand out”, “my competitors are better than me,” “my marketing isn’t working”– there’s likely to be holes in your business model, process and / or strategy – or even in your skill set, which will obviously impact your ability to grow your business and be successful with it.

With all of this in mind then – I’m sure you’re beginning to see that perhaps your doubts can actually hold a key to a better place if you choose to lean into them and look to learn what lies beneath them so you can take positive action. Because the flipside (avoidance) really can and will cripple you and your business.

Ok so how do you get up close and personal with your doubts and really look to grow from them? Well it takes time and some work – but I’ve posted some kick ass coaching questions to get you started.

These questions have been designed to help you start thinking about the origins of your doubts and help you begin to challenge and work through them so you can move on and lay them to rest.

If your doubts come from your capabilities, work through the following:

  •  What doubts do you have about yourself and capabilities?
  •  Where do you believe they originate from (go back as far as you can remember)
  •  How valid are these doubts really?
  •  What evidence do you have for them?
  •  And most importantly what evidence do you have against them?
  •  How will holding on to this doubt move you toward the life you want?
  •  What new beliefs around yourself will better serve you in life that you can begin to embrace?
  •  How will your family benefit if you embrace this new way of thinking?
  •  What will you choose to believe about yourself moving forward?

If your doubts come from your biz:

  •  What are the 5 core challenges you are experiencing in business?
  •  And why specifically are these challenges?
  •  What areas of your business do you actively avoid and for what reason?
  •  What steps might you have you missed in your research / planning / strategy?
  •  Where do you feel you need help?
  •  What skills are you missing?
  •  Looking at your answer to the questions above… what can you start to do differently to address your problem areas?
  •  What goals / targets can you set yourself to fill any skills / knowledge gaps?

As you can see, there’s a lot of food for thought as you work your way through these.

Well ladies, that’s it, the choice is now yours. If you’re holding any doubts at all right now, I urge you to empower yourself and choose to use them as fuel for good – as a tool for life-long change and as a stepping-stone to the outcome you want.

So go lean in, learn and transform your doubts into certainty, assurance and belief and watch your results change.

Here’s to your success – and to you truly believing you can.
Do you have an inner voice that often plays with your self-belief… that makes you wonder… can I actually do this? Do I believe with 100% certainty that I can and will be successful in my So… for the record. We all have that shitty little inner voice that makes us question ourselves. You, me, that person sitting in the room with you. ALL of us.

And don’t even let me get started on mums with this negative Nelly self-talk.
Often, as I well know, we choose to exit the workforce for an extended period so that we can dedicate our time and energy to being present for our littles. And whilst this journey is incredibly fulfilling on so many fronts, we often as a result tend to put everyone else’s needs before our own.

And when it comes to wanting to do anything for ourselves, let alone anything outside of our comfort zones like starting a small biz, well… the act of doing so seems nearly impossible and massively overwhelming…

This aside, we all know that it’s no small feat to start a successful small business. In fact, 60% of small businesses owners fail within their first year.
So what I want for you to gain from this piece today are 2 key insights on how to catapult your confidence and self-belief so that you’re able to really REALLY own that powerful mindset that you deserve to kick massive goals in your biz.
Now, if you’re keen to do a real deep dive into this area and REALLY take serious action when it comes to crushing any negative self-talk you have – then we’re hosting a 3-Day Mindset Challenge, which kicks off on Tues Apr 18 (the day after Easter) … where we’ll be delivering you hands on help to create some major mindset shifts across your life and biz.

This Mindset Challenge will have you walking away feeling empowered and ready to kick some massive goals in your biz.

To join us, CLICK HERE.
Anna is a Life & Business Coach.
And Owner and Co-founder of Business School for Mums.

Business School for Mums is an online business school designed to help Mums in Business Thrive.

Alongside business and marketing skills – mindset and life coaching sit at the heart of what Anna & her biz partner Flori teach go their students… to ensure that their students have a truly 360 approach to taking their business to success.

Wowsers…..its March already


OMG  we are already in March. Where has the year gone.
So you’re three months into your pliary, hows it going? Are you staying organised? Tried some of the recipes? Been tracking your feet in the reflexology tips?
We’ve been so busy like all of you. Who isn’t busy these days? Everyone. We have to laugh when people talk about how busy they are like they are busier than anyone else out there. Everyone’s busy so just keep on keepin on.
2017 is the year of new beginnings and to set new goals and this year we are all about smashing them out of the park.  We are working on exciting new things in the background and have been taking on your feedback from our first pliary ever. Feel free to email us at if you have any suggestions, things you love, would like to see in the 2018 pliary or just to share some love.
Its time for us to get cracking on the 2018 pliary and thats exactly what we are doing. We want to make it bigger and better for next year with more content, full of tips and motivation to be the best version of you. We can’t make you completely happy, only you can do that, BUT what we can do is assist you with the tools to help. And thats exactly what we plan on doing.
My Jnr MindFULL Journal is on its way. We expect them to arrive next wee and we can’t be more excited about them. These activity journals are all about getting young kids to love themselves, be grateful, mindfulness colouring, understanding emotions and asking for help when feeling down, friendship circles, fun activities, laughter and more. We took advice from an Assistant Principal and a Child Psychologist for these so we know we are going to make a difference to so many kids for all of the right reasons. The artwork is generic so its suitable for both girls and boys and they come in both a cute pink with flowers or navy blue with stars.
These will make a great gift, for kids birthday party gifts, Easter present, a caring thought or just to share some kindness and put a smile on a little kids face. They are also great for any child lacking confidence, love colouring, need reassurance, self love and awareness or enjoy writing their thoughts.

How is your 2017 going?

Can you believe we are nearly at the end of January already?
I’m sure you all had a little break whether it was a getaway, holiday or a staycation….its nice to have some downtime BUT I’m sure all of you mothers are looking forward to the kids going back to school as we are.
We took some time off as well to refuel but we definitely got excited about using our pliaries. Have you been setting your intentions each week?  It doesn’t have to be anything huge, even small things like “sort out school uniforms” or “drink a glass of water each day”.  Small steps in the right direction are better than no steps at all, so remember to wake up with intention.
Reflexology…… we are approaching the reflexology component of our pliaries so we encourage you to take a photo of your feet. Sit in front of the mirror and snap a photo on your phone or even get one of the kids, a friend or a selfie stick to help with snapping the shot. If you can’t print the photo out to insert into your pliary then save it on your phone in your favourites and make weekly reminders in your pliary to check and reflect on the improvement.
Here are some of the steps per pliary to try changing your attitude about your feet:
  • Start working toward being happy with who YOU are
  • Surround yourself with pink or green – clothing, food, flowers or candles
  • Carry a small rose quartz crystal which assists with unconditional love of the self
  • Daily affirmation – I love and approve of myself unconditionally
  • Each day do at least one thing that makes you feel good
  • Try smiling at strangers – set yourself a target of 5 per day
If you’d like to find out more about reflexology then head to and connect with Lyn Fava our Reflexology specialist.

3 Tips for Successfully Setting your Goals

Keopha: Internal view of Gratitude Diary


Hey There,

We know you are as excited about our Jnr MindFULL Year Journal as we are, its been an exciting week already…..and we’re only 3 days in.
The navy has been a bit of a hit so far which has surprised us but we too love the pink and I’m sure your little lady or man will be too when they receive it and start having some fun and playing around inside. Its got some crazy good activities inside like crosswords, wordsearches, mindfulness colouring, creating positive music playlists just to name a few. This is an undated journal to help them explore themselves and find that self confidence we know they need and have somewhere deep inside.
Now…..back into Goal Setting. Yes thats you. We know that majority of you are small business owners, have a little hobby or are a budding Entrepreneur.  For those of you that aren’t, we know you still love setting goals, so we are excited to bring to you Anna and Flori of Business School 4 Mums who share with you 3 Hot Tips for Successfully Setting Your Goals.
We’re so excited to introduce to you Anna and Flori from Business School 4 Mums.
Anna and Flori started BSFM about a year ago. Since then they’ve welcomed about 160 students into their biz system, and coached several hundred more……and counting.
They’re both biz coaches but each of them possess a little something special. So, Anna’s jam is all things personal and mindset coaching and Flori, is the marketing maven. 
How to Kick Your Biggest Biz Goals to Date this 2017

Sure, goal setting seems easy. You set yourself a target, you write it down, maybe you even post it on your wall and let the rest play itself out.

Easy as pie.

The catch is actually meeting those goals. It’s actually making them HAPPEN.

And knowing how to set goals that are achievable yet ambitious is also a bit of an art.

So, today I want to talk to you about how to set goals for yourself that you can actually meet; and, as part of this, I’m going to cover 3 key tips that will help you throughout this process.

#1: You need to dream… BIG!

You need to have BIG dreams… unrestricted ambitions… dreams you never thought even possible.

And no, I’m not pulling your leg here.

Most people have a really clear idea around what they don’t want in their lives but very few can clearly articulate exactly the type of life they want for themselves.

So, as part of this process, you need to think about how your business feeds into this vision you want for yourself and for your family. So for instance, will you be working from home in this vision of yours or perhaps you’ll have a local office with employees or maybe you’ll be globe-trotting, laptop in hand whilst you grow your business.

Whatever this vision is, you need to make it crystal clear for yourself.

#TIP – Consider creating a vision board for yourself to help you tangibilise these big dreams for yourself and hang it on your office wall, where you can see it day in, day out.

# 2: You need to go back in time

Sounds a bit ironic when goal setting into future I know but just bear with me here.

By turning the clocks back, you can start to really uncover what your former year was like for you – obviously in biz, but also on a personal front.

The purpose of this exercise is for you to uncover what worked, and equally, what didn’t work. What mistakes did you make? What did you achieve?

There will always be some setbacks – that’s just life, but there will also ALWAYS be some wins (no matter how small) to celebrate.

So do this. Give yourself a pat on the back (or a big glass of bubbly) and give yourself a moment to recognise those achievements for yourself – personally and business-wise. It’s SO important to stop for a moment and to recognise these wins.

Beyond this recognition, this exercise is also very good for highlighting what not to do again and what to steer clear of in your upcoming year of biz.

#3: Put that Plan into ACTION

I mentioned earlier that goal setting is a bit of an art. And for good reason…

Achieving a goal is easier said than done. So my first bit of advice here is that less is more. I’d rather you set 2 BIG, HAIRY (*AND SLIGHTLY SCARY*) goals for yourself than 10 that will just overwhelm you.

And the reason for this is because actually achieving a BIG, HAIRY (*AND SLIGHTLY SCARY*) goal is no mean feat. This type of goal is not always easy to tick off and can often involve a series of steps in order to complete it.

Cue, putting a plan into ACTION.

Achieving goals is all about breaking that goal down into manageable steps and setting timeframes for yourself to achieve those steps.

This leads me to something very special that we’d like to gift to you – our tried and tested goal-setting framework that we used last year to skyrocket our biz.


To get your hands on this framework as well and so much more when it comes to successful goal setting in your biz, come join us in our FREE 5-Day Goal-Setting Mastermind.

Our aim in this Mastermind is to help you set a plan in place that will have you kicking your biggest biz goals to date. The Mastermind officially kicks off on Monday Jan 16th but already we’ve started to share some HUGE insights, freebies and tools in the lead up that you’re not going to want to miss out on!

There’s already 100s of mums in the FB Group so come join the fun;
We SO look forward to connecting with you!

Xo Flori


So Biz mums! If you’re wanting to achieve some BIG focus and crystal clear direction for your biz in 2017, come join me and my friends at @businessschoolformums and check out their Free 5-Day Goal Setting Mastermind, which kickS off on Monday Jan 16th.  This is the biggest activation Anna & Flori have EVER run as a FREEBIE and it’s already turning out to be epic.  They’ve got cracking workbooks, mini live lessons, a private FB group – and 5 days stepped out to hold you accountable for your plan for 2017… (wowzaaaa).   What’s more, they’re already sharing insights, activations and freebies everyday with us in the FB Group in the lead up to the 5-day event itself.   @Businesschoolformums help Mums in Biz succeed and this Mastermind will without a doubt, deliver you some big shifts, changes and ‘aha’ moments – as well as connect you with 100s of other mums working towards extraordinary for themselves.

See you in the FB Group mummas!

We’re welcoming our new baby to the Keopha Kommunity


So your now settling into using your pliary……and I bet you’re super pumped about it too. And if you are just getting back from holidays and haven’t had time to set your goals or check in with yourself in the Personal Growth section then pop to the front of your pliary and get cracking.

We’ve had so many excited people messaging us, tagging us and emailing us about them using our pliary and we too are so excited to have you all finally using it. Its really something we are so grateful for.


Many of you messaged us when you received your pliary requesting a children’s version, as your kids were jealous they couldn’t join in all the fun so we’ve listened with intent. We had already been working on such a product but couldn’t let the cat out of the bag….but its with great excitement we can now announce to you that My Jnr MindFULL Year Journal is now available for pre-order on our website.

We’ve created an undated journal to take young kids on a journey of self love, self confidence, fun, activities, learning what it means to be a friend, educating them about emotions and encouraging them to ask for help when feeling sad and much much more. This A5 journal will be your child’s go to item for the year. It has room for him/her to write their thoughts, child friendly recipes, colouring in, activities, affirmations, as well as room to make notes, draw, write and love. And yes we have a navy one which is ideal for boys. Oh but keep in mind the navy will have stars on it, not flowers lol.

Assist your child with living a positive life, expressing his or her feelings, encourage them to love themselves and carry My Jnr MindFULL Year Journal with them along life’s journey. This is a great gift for a friend, birthday, niece, nephew, grandchild or even someone you’d like to make feel special.

We also have some wonderful gift packs available so make your little one feel special. It will be that one awesome gift pack that keeps your little lady or man positive, shares kindness, makes them special and most importantly rock it out with all their friends.

Much love to you all, Kara & Elizabeth

Ready, Set……GOAL!

Getting over the Christmas food coma?

Desk Flatlay

Eeeeeekkkkkk its nearly time to click over into 2017…….

So what is it that you want this year? Is it balance, is it financial stability, is it a stronger focus on family or is it just time to enjoy being YOU. Well it can be all of the above, there’s nothing stopping you, however remember its best to write it down because its only sucking up more brain space when you keep it inside. Oh and more importantly the universe delivers once you’ve had to courage to write it down and put it out there. Yes that’s write…..write it down, we dare you!

Remember these goals are unique to you and not for you to justify to others. These are things that make YOU happy so be genuine and let it out.

Think about what family means, do you want to go on more adventures, reconnect with a loved one, be present or even extend your family. What are your goals for personal development? They don’t need to be huge, and you may not be a big fan of paying to attend personal development courses but personal development is all about learning. It can be little things like, learning to cook, attending a free workshop, learning something at your local community centre even through to attending large scale events to grow your business, change your mindset and breakthrough self limiting belief’s. Whatever it maybe for you that helps you grow as an individual then write it down and make an action plan to get going to achieve it.

This should take you no longer than half an hour. Don’t get anxiety thinking about what you need to write down, what huge goals you need to achieve, procrastinate about it, these can be small, medium or large scale items that you want to achieve BUT make sure you get them down. If you don’t write them down you’ll never feel like your accomplishing anything and succeeding.

Here are 5 Hot Tips for our Goal Setting page:

• Short and sweet, don’t overthink it
• The first thing that comes to your mind or something you can’t stop

  thinking about
• Challenge yourself with a couple of bigger goals because you will work
  harder to reach it and in turn feel more satisfied
• Don’t compare your goals to others, these are unique to you
• Believe in YOURSELF because you CAN achieve these goals
Much love to you all, Kara & Elizabeth