15 Best Care Packages to Send a Loved One in Isolation

15 Best Care Packages to Send a Loved One in Isolation

It’s such a challenging time for many at the moment and we’ve all got the one or two (maybe more) family, friend or loved one that is in need of a little pick me up.


I’ve had a few loved ones that I’ve sent a Care Package or Iso Package to lift their spirits. Sometimes it’s hard to know what to send someone but just remember it’s the thought that counts. My Mum works at a hospital which has been extremely stressful for her so I recently sent a gift box to her and her team at work to put a smile on their dial. The impact….pure joy, laughs and giggles while sharing, talking and connecting which is what fills my heart.


Random Acts of Kindness can have a bigger impact than you will ever imagine. It doesn’t even need to cost you a lot of money, from a simple bunch of flowers from your garden, a coffee dropped on their doorstep, lunch for the kids, or even just a lovely card or text message can make someone smile.


So if you’re looking for ideas to share an act of kindness, send a care package and/or make someone smile, here are 15 of the Best Care Packages you can send a loved one in Isolation.


Here are 15 of the Best Care Packages for a loved on in Isolation

1: Cake Creations by Kate – why not order some mini cupcakes and on Saturday’s they even have delivery for just $7 for 50klm radius of Point Cook


2: Iso Care – a great new small business in Melbourne’s West doing great little care packages. And the name….I love it. Cos I So Care!


3: Kenzie Collective – A Gift Voucher is a great idea. You all know I’m a lover of earrings….and Kenzie Collective for that matter. The best part, they have Acts of Kindness on their website so you can pay it forward as well.


4: Clean Tea – is your friend, mum, grandma a tea lover? This is a great pack of tea to send to someone and you could even have a cuppa over zoom once they receive their package.



5: Little Party Dress – ahhhh one of my favourite “go tos” for bright and colourful clothing. So why not get a Gift Voucher for someone for them to purchase what they want and bring a little colourful dress, cardi, outift to someones world.


6: Afternoon Pick Me Up – this fabulous company has a great range of gift boxes for any occasion, any care package or any loved one. Guaranteed to put a smile on your dial these beautiful packs are just gorgeous.


7: Me Time Just for Me – Sue the founder is passionate about getting us to take some Me Time because we so often put everyone else first. Me Time offers a range of products, vouchers, gift boxes which are the perfect care package for any loved one.


8: The Empathy Gift Co – A gift box for any occasion, celebration or loved one. Whether it’s the You Are Awesome Gift Box, Love & Light Gift Box or the Premium Chocolate Gift Box (oh and there is more) you are certainly going to find something beautiful here.


9: Prezee – I just love this idea. A gift card you can send to a loved one. Maybe it’s a Woolworths card for some groceries, an Uber Eats voucher to treat themselves to some takeaway dinner, Peter Alexander or Kmart, this really is a great practical gift for someone.


10: All for her Gifts – Ahhh the Isolation Gift box, a wine or a cocktail for a zoom with friends. This luxe gifting company has a great range for family or friends.


11: From Me 2 U – This newly launched company has been doing amazing things through Covid and Isolation. Their beautiful packaging and presentation is simply stunning. And I can tell you the reviews are even better (me me me). From F*** Cancer boxes to Grazing Boxes there is something for any loved one.


12: Light N Glo Designs – oh of course you know I love these candles because we’ve collaborated on our upcoming Meditation Crystal Candles but these candles really are something special. Australian Made Soy Wood Wick candles are just beautifully presented and the aromas are simply stunning. The best part is you can smell them when they burn and the burn time is great too.


13: Proud Poppy Clothing – I’ve been a lover of Proud Poppy for some time and have personally spent my fair share in iso on their gorgeous knits. Ahhh the sparkly sequins yesss. Why not get a loved on a Gift Voucher for them to treat themselves. I’ve done this too and it’s a great way to surprise someone but they can still select something they like and that fits.


14: Graze with Michelle – beautifully curated grazing and sweets boxes. This business really pivoted through Iso and offers kids birthday boxes, sweets boxes and grazing with high quality products. I’ve enjoyed a few of these beautiful boxes in my time.


15: My Mindful Year – ahhh you didn’t think I was going to leave us off did you? Saving the best till last obviously hehe. I’ve had people purchasing Crystal Kits, Affirmation Cards or even Colouring Books or a Journal for loved ones. With a big variety of mindful gifts we really can put a smile on someone’s dial with your act of kindness.


So, why not share a gift of kindness, support a fellow Aussie small biz owner and send a loved one a Care Package for them to put a smile on their dial in iso.


A simple act can make more impact than you’ll ever imagine.

Happy Shopping. Much Luv, Kara

5 Top Tips for Mindfulness

top tips for mindfulness blog

Mindfulness….the technique and word that has become “on trend” and for many people starting their mindful journey can be so overwhelming right? They tell you to eat right, exercise, journal, stay positive, meditate, do yoga and a whole lot more. And if you’re anything like me when I started, you really don’t know where to start.


It can be overwhelming and when you’re not in the right headspace who even knows where to start. That was me. Six years ago when I had my break down and my psychologist told me to look into mindfulness, I looked at her blankly thinking “what are you even talking about and how do you think I’ve got time to do all of those things?”   Mindful living is living with intent, self awareness, being present in your thoughts and the ability to slow your breathing and nervous system to bring calm.


I started with some simple basic things to help me because I knew that doing everything at once was not sustainable for me. Once I started with these few fundamentals because they were simple things I could do as a starting point.


1: Positive Post Its: Start by writing positive notes or quotes on post it notes around the house. Seeing and reading positive things is a good reminder [and start] to getting in the right headspace. I’m not saying every day is roses or positive but when the chips are down and you go to the toilet and happened to see a bright coloured post it note with a simple little positivity on it, it can make a difference. I’ve since turned my post its into a set of Affirmation Cards so I can see them every day.


2: Create a Check Point: This might be carrying something in your pocket, a drink bottle, when you touch a door handle. Every time you touch, pick up or have a drink you take a few deep breathes to calm you down. Really deep breathes….in through the nose and out through the mouth. Shallow breathing is a sign of stress and anxiety so taking deep breathes calms the nervous system and helps you be present. I carry around a crystal in my pocket so it’s a good check point for me but after recently doing some coaching with Clair Hill she suggested the door handle which has also been a good one.


3: Mental Stocktake: Basically a meditation….but again if you’re like me you aren’t ready to sit in a deep meditation because you start overthinking what you’re meant to be thinking when you are sitting in your own thoughts. For me I created a routine where I make my morning coffee and then pop on a meditation from Spotify (we have some on our playlist) that wasn’t deep, was only for 5 minutes and allowed me to dream. Meditation can be different for everyone so don’t put a high expectation on yourself of doing a deep 30-60min meditation when starting out. That’s why a basic Mental Stocktake can be good.


4: Gratitude: Again if you’re just starting out you might be thinking you have to write a list of 50 things you are grateful for. No. You. Don’t. Start by writing down at the end of each day, 1 thing you are grateful for in a journal [see Me Time Journal]. It might be your favourite song on the radio, that you went for a walk, that a friend made you smile etc. Once you’ve done this for a month, try extending out to 3 things per day.


5: Full Cup: We often are taking care of everyone else that we forget to take care of ourselves. Self Care is important, and something you should never feel guilty about. It doesn’t need to be costly or extravagant and can be basic things that make you smile or you love. Have a bath, watch your favourite tv show, read a book, do some colouring in, put your favourite song on and dance, or simply having a nap. So at the end of the week do something for you, to fill your cup.


These were all little things that I started doing when I began my mindful journey. One thing I must also remind you is that you don’t need to do them all together if it’s too much. Select maybe 1 thing and focus on doing that so it becomes a habit and part of your every day life. Small steps is better than no steps. Don’t overload yourself or compare yourself to someone else on the internet that may be further into their mindful journey than you.


I share many tips, techniques and strategies that work for me on social media so you can try what you resonate with. Some will work for you, some won’t. Like me, some have worked and I love and others I just can’t get the hang of, or I wasn’t a fan.

So that’s the basics to get you going, to help implement mindfulness into your world, to assist your mental health journey and becoming self aware and present in your thoughts.

I hope these top tips helped reduce your overwhelm and will get you on your mindful way.

Kara Vaina

Founder – My Mindful Year

3 Simple Things to help in “Uncertain Times”

I gotta be honest, if I hear “these are uncertain times” ONE more time, I’m going to scream. These uncertain times have been going on for months. Like the rest of the world, my mama brain is exploding with the distance learning, shared work space, my knickers no longer fit proper, how much wine is too much, we’re all going to need therapy, am I being mindful enough, somebody PLEASE eat the vege and stay away from the chips hourly mental loop. Enough!

I made a recent decision to focus on the one thing I know really well, gut health. If you’ve watched the news lately, you’ve heard scads about the importance of supporting the immune system via the gut. Bonus: G

ut health is connected to mental health. 😉

Hear my heart. I can easily go down a rabbit hole of 12 years of professional experience; but let’s not. Embracing imperfect has become my woman/mama/wife mantra. In these “uncertain times” don’t we all need a bit of simple?

If I can offer anything to our collective community, it’s my 3 Simple Things that support health from the inside out list and a couple nerdy bits ‘cause I’m extra like that. What if you joined me in focusing on one, then two, then three simple things we could add to our day? One day at a time.


3 Simple Things

drink a glass of room temp water when you wake

Seventy plus percent of your immune system lives in the gut. Water supports all digestive functions, flushes toxins, keeps ya poopin, and transports nutrients around the body. Bonus: Anti aging and energizing.

eat high fiber foods

Gut bacteria love fiber. The good microbes will flourish and kick the bad ones. Tip: Blend a cup of cauliflower or squash into your soup broth. When the vege doesn’t float, the kiddos won’t pick them out.

take a walk

Exercise increases the number and types of beneficial bacteria in your digestive system, improves digestion, reduces inflammation, increases happy hormones. Why not grab a friend and make it a non-negotiable date? Perk: Your kickers and inner mean girl will stop chattering that you’re overwhelmed and out of balance.


Want to learn more? Need some accountability and a good laugh? Pop over to my corner of the ‘gram and say hello.


See you soon, Aimée


Kara Vaina Pliary

So the new decade is upon us and we’re all seeking something…whether it’s peace, calm, positivity, balance, strength, wellness, confidence, self love or simply life at a slower pace so I thought what better time to sit and have this little chat with you all.


Five years ago when I had my mental breakdown (read more here,) I found myself locked in my closet, hunched in a ball, crying and screaming cos I didn’t what to do and at that point knew it was time to get help. And so I did. I took mindfulness by the hands and began to implement these small changes into my world so I didn’t get overwhelmed by everything all at once.


You see, when I first started on my mindfulness journey 5 years ago I was totally overwhelmed with where to start. Gosh everyone was telling me to get fit, meditate, go for a walk, be healthy blah blah blah and to be honest I just didn’t know where to start. I hear you nodding along wondering how and where do you even begin.


At this time of year it’s hectic, I’m busy with work, kids activities, Christmas activities, school holidays, packing all of your wonderful pliary orders and of course…..life. I get myself into a state of just go go go and then when I crash and burn I end up so exhausted that I feel like I can sleep for 3 months. I’m sure some of you feel the same so if you are wanting to start 2020 with a great attitude and some self care then keep reading.


I recently put the call out on Instagram @mymindfulyear and asked everyone what was the ONE POSITIVE WORD YOU ARE TAKING INTO 2020 and the response was overwhelming. Although having a word to live by in 2020 is great, mindfulness is all about a multitude of small things that help us achieve this.


So in light of this, I’m wanting to assist you and take the overwhelm out of life and give you 30 DAYS TO MINDFULNESS. These are all of the things that I do when I’m not coping and need to ground myself and help keep my anxiety at bay and I’m sharing them all with you.


You can play along at your own pace but print the attachment, pop it on the fridge and each day select ONE thing you will do to implement mindfulness into your world…and the best part is I’ll be creating two more months worth so you can do over a three month period.


For those of you that join in the fun, I’d love you to tag us @mymindfulyear on Instagram and use the hashtags #mindfulyear | #pliary | #30daystomindfulness

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Much luv,

Kara, Founder



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Is Abby Gilmore all she’s cracked up to be?

Is Abby Gilmore all she’s cracked up to be?

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