Is Abby Gilmore all she’s cracked up to be?

Is Abby Gilmore all she’s cracked up to be?

There’s a world of social media where we get ourselves engulfed in someone else’s world. Its like a big black hole where we can immerse ourselves in their life and feel like we’re living it with them. We’re intrigued to know what they do, when they do it, how they do it and we even feel like we’re apart of their family. I bet you’ve got a few faves on Instagram you totally stalk don’t you? Hell yeh I do. Sophie Cachia, Abby Gilmore, Zoe Foster-Blake, I Heart Bargains, Mums with Hustle, Celeste Barber, The Real Dads of Melbourne to name a few.

Whether you follow people for pretty things, fashion ideas, inspiration, styling, realness, blah blah blah there is something authentic about my faves.  I have my favourite few in the pretty category, the styling, make up, fashion, humor categories etc but I’ve been a huge fan of Sophie and Abby for years now because I just love their authenticity, realness and honesty. I’ve followed and watched their Instatories and Snapchats of when they were having anxiety and panic attacks, when Sophie was in labour with Flossy (my girlfriends and I were on high alert that weekend while away drinking lol), when they would share personal details with tears rolling, the highs, the lows and everything in between and there was something I totally related to.

Having gone through my own battles over the last 2 years struggling through an emotional breakdown and parenting a challenging child there was something I found comfort in this. Say what….I was finding comfort in others drama, real life bull shit and these girls were more than 10 years younger than me. What the heck. In the world of social media where everything is so scripted, fake and full of professionally styled photos there was something that was connecting me to these girls.

So when I was asked to interview Abby Gilmore back in May I totally got that fan girl moment. I’ve done public speaking to hundreds, hosted corporate events and fundraisers etc, but to think I was about to sit and chat with an Instagram Influencer that I followed every move of was somewhat daunting and nerve racking.  I remember thinking how was I going to play it cool albeit I’d told her I was a stalker. I knew everything about her journey yet didn’t want to come across like “Fatal Attraction”….or just an all round freak that she would want to ignore in the street. We chatted, like we’d been friends for years. There was a nervous comfortable-ness within both of us. She was slightly anxious too because I knew she was still getting used to public speaking (again another Instastorie share 😉 ). She was exactly the same in real life than in Insta world….and it was refreshing to see. Two months later I got asked to host a chat with Abby and Haylea Cooney at a Ladies Day and again it felt like a couple of old friends just having a chat….like we were meant to be there chatting at that very time. The conversation seemed to just flow. It wasn’t an interview, it was a chat about life, about hardship, laughter and fun and how she got through shit. But more than she would ever know, I had been struggling internally to talk about my struggles, but something inside me told me “if she can share it to a wider community than me, then I can to”.


I’d spent the last 2 years crying in my bedroom, struggling with life when I let everyone on the outside think I was totally in control. I’d hidden it for years and it took me a long time to acknowledge I needed help. I wasn’t as strong as this 23 year old newly single mother of 2 beautiful girls to share my story. Hell, she’s stronger than she’ll ever realise. It was her raw, honest, authentic heart that she opened to all of these women that showed me she cared, she’d got through shit and she wanted to make a difference to others. This was something I admired. I loved that she had the class to keep her breakup private and hasn’t gone rushing to the papers dishing any dirt for the money. I love that she is making all of her decisions in life for the best interest of her two young daughters, I love that she’s using her social media platforms to make a difference in a positive light by sharing stories to inspire others. We need more of this….not all the negative hate in the world or the keyboard warriors sending hate cos they too gutless to say it out loud face to face.


Someone asked me recently “whats the deal with Abby Gilmore? Is she all she’s cracked up to be?”. Well hell to the Y.E.S. Maybe not if you are looking for scripted perfection because that she’s certainly not. She’s not going to share the $5000 handbag she’s been gifted, she’s not going to have the professional themed Insta feed, she aint posting tittie pics and she’s not living an extravagant life in the penthouse, flying in a personal jet with a suitcase full of cash. Heck I’m sure she’d love to at some point in her life but the deal is with her, she’s humble, she’s real, she’s a young mother rocking it the best way she knows how, she’s stepping up and owning her shit and she tells it how it is. Something I relate to that like the rest of her 100K following do (apart from the random creep followers ;).


She’s a woman building her business, choosing to align with products and companies that sit within her morals and beliefs. Whether that comes down to a #sponsored or not sponsored post who gives a damn. She’s making a living for her and her two girls. We are living in a world where social media influencers are a thing. Life, business, fashion, retail etc are all about referral and third party validation so who gives s god damn crap if they get paid for it.  I would never have known about the Thurley dress I hired from Her Wardrobe after seeing Sophie Cachia wear it. Like I would never have known about Lipsense and other products if I didn’t follow Abby Gilmore so who cares. They are real people, doing real shit and sharing positivity in a world of hate so they can make a difference to others. So when you’re out there asking for support of your small business wondering why these influencers charge…..tell yourself they are small businesses as well and have had to work damn hard to build a tribe or following that engages.


I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have met her, for all I’ve learnt from my ever demanding son, for how I’ve grown as a parent through all of the psych help, understanding him better and through all of the mindfulness tips and strategies I’ve used to help get me through. Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us directly on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us…….and that I believe. My Mindful Year has been the best thing that has happened to me. Its my voice to help others, my life bible that carries me through and my purpose to make a difference to many.  I may not have a 100K following like Abby to use as my platform but this is mine and I’m so damn proud.

So, you know you are meant to connect with someone in life for a reason and I truly believe I was meant to meet her as she inspired me (unknowingly) to share my story. To stand up, put your hand up and say “I’m not Ok” and that’s ok. Fuck I got through shit and I’m proud to have got professional help so I can identify it and learn how to cope with it. And that’s what our connection is. We were meant to cross paths. Yes I still find it weird that a 23 year old woman can inspire me having lived such different lives, but it’s true.  I don’t know if we’ll ever hang out together but what I know is that I’ve had an awesome time chatting with her so far and for that I’m so grateful.


So that’s what her deal is……she’s real, she’s humble, she’s not scripted or fake and she’s just like that girlfriend you want to have fun with in the club. Keep rocking it girlfriend. You’re one amazing woman Abby and you should be damn proud.


Have an amazing week all, much love.


Kara xx

Founder, My Mindful Year


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