5 Top Tips for Implementing Mindfulness

5 Top Tips for Implementing Mindfulness into Your Life


So you keep hearing the word ‘mindfulness’ and wonder how you can implement into your day? Yes, that was me as well two years ago. How can I possibly eat healthy every day, exercise, take time out for myself, meditate blah blah. Well the more I started to implement these little things into my life, the more it became just part of my day. So I practice mindfulness everyday now.

Its so easy to get overwhelmed with it all so I thought I’d share with you some basic little steps you can take to get going on the right direction and implementing mindfulness into your life. Every morning I wake up and either sit up or lay down and say out loud my affirmations. You can get some amazing affirmations from google but I love Louise Hay – Click Here

Affirmations need to be voiced out loud so your conscious mind can absorb them so saying them just inside your head is not as affective. Sitting up in a straight position is best but sometimes I like the coziness of my blankets so I do it laying down. lol.

Exercise is an important aspect for your mind. Its not just about the health benefits, but the endorphins and the mind clarity you get when out walking. Now I’m no saint and don’t religiously walk but even if its a walk to the supermarket, to the park with my son, I make an attempt to get out. Winter is hard, yes I get it. The thought of staying snuggled in bed is always a good idea but this is what keeps us lethargic and flat. So, even if its a 15-20 minute brisk walk around the block, get up and out for a walk a few times a week. Ideally every day but i’m not going to preach to you that because I’m not actively doing it myself.

I never use to drink alot of water and compared to some I still don’t. I really struggled with consuming the 6 recommended glasses of water a day. I found that when I put a water bottle around the house or in the car I’m more inclined to drink it. So, thats what I do. Either a Pump 600ml or a normal refillable drink bottle so I’m sipping constantly. Which has been great for me….maybe not my bladder though 😉

I’ve always been a good eater of veggies but marrying a fussy eater and producing a son the same I became lazy over the years with cooking variety for myself. BUT….in last 2 years I’ve gone back to regular vegetable intake. So if you’re like me, don’t become lazy with your own habits. There are so many options for cooking smaller meals or even larger meals and freezing into containers which is what I do. Then I have a lunch or a CBF Cooking dinner waiting. Check out My Mindful Year for some great recipes 😉

Through a challenging last two years I’ve had to find small wins to celebrate and gratitude has really become a big part of my life now. I tried a Gratitude Challenge some time back and it made me realise that there really is something to be grateful every single day. So, if you can’t remember to do it every single day, start with weekly and slowly remind yourself to do it more. Maybe then every second day until it becomes daily. What this does is make you identify the small wins, the good things that happened and keeps your conscious mind in a positive state. Gratitude has to be genuine and authentic though. It can’t be made up bulldust, so think of something, even if its small, its a start.

Lastly, I used to think it was selfish to have time to myself. Guilt would take over and I’d quickly rush out to the shops, to get my nails done, have a massage and be worrying the whole time about getting back to my kids. How wrong could I be. Well yes it is selfish but selfish is good because if we don’t take care of ourselves how can we then take care of others. Something I truly believe. If self care means you need to go and sit at the library and read a book in peace…..do it without guilt. If it means you take a a few hours away from the house for a 1 hour massage…..do it without guilt. The minute I started investing in quiet time for me. I’m not talking going out shopping, taking holidays overseas without the kids, although that would be great too lol. I’m talking a night out with the girls, a massage, a reflexology session, a spiritual cleanse, a reiki session etc then do it without guilt. The more you take care of yourself the more you are clearer, less clouded and calmer to take care of others, namingly the children but anyone else you may care for.


So to recap the few tips of how to implement mindfulness into your life here are my Top 5 Tips:


Affirmations: Find an affirmation (there are plenty on the internet) that you relate to for both the morning and evening. Each morning when you wake sit up in bed and say it out loud. The same for when you go to bed. Lay in bed and say out loud the affirmation. You must verbalise these affirmations for your conscious mind to accept and act on them.

Exercise:  Preferably in the morning because exercise releases hormones and encourages your metabolism, clears your thoughts and gets the heart rate pumping so you have more energy during your day

Food & Drink: Consume 4-6 glasses of water a day. If need be fill up a water bottle and carry it with you so you are sipping it throughout the day. Ensure you have a piece of fruit a day and green vegetables as well. Your body is your temple so you must fuel it with the right ingredients.

Gratitude: Celebrate the wins. Identify each day (weekly at a minimum) what you are grateful for. This could be anything from having the money to buy dinner, the friendships you have, the support of loved ones or the smile on your kids face when they come home from school. Write these down so you can actually visualize all of the small wins and things you have in your world.

Self Love:  Take time out for yourself. It doesn’t need to be an extensive or costly exercise. Going for a walk in the sunshine, read a book, have a bath with candles and soothing music, go for a massage or even get your nails done.


Remember you don’t have to do them all in one week. Great if you can but even small steps is going in the right direction. Mindfulness is made up of a number of different things and its how you bring them into your daily routines that helps you be at peace and be present. These are some of the little key things you can expect to find in My Mindful Year

Good luck and let me know how you go.

Much love, K

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