5 Mindful Practices To Try

You read that you need to meditate and think “i just can’t” or you hear that yoga is a great mindful practice but you really don’t connect with it. I get it. There’s so many mindful practices and sometimes you can get overwhelmed by them, but I’m here to tell you, that you can change and try a variety or mindful practices that resonate and work for you at the time. I want to share 5 Mindful Practices To Try.

I meditate daily, but I don’t journal every single day. I sing along to music every day but i don’t say my affirmation every day. We all get busy with life and what we need to be is “self aware” of a variety of mindful tools we can use in a variety of situations. Something you could do when you’re at home, something you can do when at work to help reduce your stress levels, or even when you’re out in a social situation when you’re feeling anxious around a crowd.

5 mindful practices to try

The thing to remember is that what works for others, may not work for you. What others may find calming, may not calm you down. Don’t get caught comparing your journey to others or be overwhelmed by the large variety of mindful practices that you just don’t do any at all. You may select one that works for you over the course of three months and as you progress you might want to try something else.

i’ve used a variety of mindful strategies over the years because of many reasons. One because when i was starting out I didn’t know where to start (and was overwhelmed by it all) so I started with something basic. As I progressed I added in mindful art, breathe work, affirmations, journalling and meditation. All of which I choose to do 1 – 2 things every day. I don’t do them all every single day, but I’m conscious enough and self aware enough that I can select what I need that day/week.

You can’t meditate, that’s ok!

You can’t do yoga, that’s ok!


I’m sharing these 5 Mindful Practices To Try so that maybe just 1 of these resonates with you, maybe you’re reading to take the next step, maybe you haven’t known where to start…….and you’re lost at what to try.

Have fun trying one of these and let me know how you go.

Much love and light to you all, Kara xx

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