3 Tips for Successfully Setting your Goals

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We know you are as excited about our Jnr MindFULL Year Journal as we are, its been an exciting week already…..and we’re only 3 days in.
The navy has been a bit of a hit so far which has surprised us but we too love the pink and I’m sure your little lady or man will be too when they receive it and start having some fun and playing around inside. Its got some crazy good activities inside like crosswords, wordsearches, mindfulness colouring, creating positive music playlists just to name a few. This is an undated journal to help them explore themselves and find that self confidence we know they need and have somewhere deep inside.
Now…..back into Goal Setting. Yes thats you. We know that majority of you are small business owners, have a little hobby or are a budding Entrepreneur.  For those of you that aren’t, we know you still love setting goals, so we are excited to bring to you Anna and Flori of Business School 4 Mums who share with you 3 Hot Tips for Successfully Setting Your Goals.
We’re so excited to introduce to you Anna and Flori from Business School 4 Mums.
Anna and Flori started BSFM about a year ago. Since then they’ve welcomed about 160 students into their biz system, and coached several hundred more……and counting.
They’re both biz coaches but each of them possess a little something special. So, Anna’s jam is all things personal and mindset coaching and Flori, is the marketing maven. 
How to Kick Your Biggest Biz Goals to Date this 2017

Sure, goal setting seems easy. You set yourself a target, you write it down, maybe you even post it on your wall and let the rest play itself out.

Easy as pie.

The catch is actually meeting those goals. It’s actually making them HAPPEN.

And knowing how to set goals that are achievable yet ambitious is also a bit of an art.

So, today I want to talk to you about how to set goals for yourself that you can actually meet; and, as part of this, I’m going to cover 3 key tips that will help you throughout this process.

#1: You need to dream… BIG!

You need to have BIG dreams… unrestricted ambitions… dreams you never thought even possible.

And no, I’m not pulling your leg here.

Most people have a really clear idea around what they don’t want in their lives but very few can clearly articulate exactly the type of life they want for themselves.

So, as part of this process, you need to think about how your business feeds into this vision you want for yourself and for your family. So for instance, will you be working from home in this vision of yours or perhaps you’ll have a local office with employees or maybe you’ll be globe-trotting, laptop in hand whilst you grow your business.

Whatever this vision is, you need to make it crystal clear for yourself.

#TIP – Consider creating a vision board for yourself to help you tangibilise these big dreams for yourself and hang it on your office wall, where you can see it day in, day out.

# 2: You need to go back in time

Sounds a bit ironic when goal setting into future I know but just bear with me here.

By turning the clocks back, you can start to really uncover what your former year was like for you – obviously in biz, but also on a personal front.

The purpose of this exercise is for you to uncover what worked, and equally, what didn’t work. What mistakes did you make? What did you achieve?

There will always be some setbacks – that’s just life, but there will also ALWAYS be some wins (no matter how small) to celebrate.

So do this. Give yourself a pat on the back (or a big glass of bubbly) and give yourself a moment to recognise those achievements for yourself – personally and business-wise. It’s SO important to stop for a moment and to recognise these wins.

Beyond this recognition, this exercise is also very good for highlighting what not to do again and what to steer clear of in your upcoming year of biz.

#3: Put that Plan into ACTION

I mentioned earlier that goal setting is a bit of an art. And for good reason…

Achieving a goal is easier said than done. So my first bit of advice here is that less is more. I’d rather you set 2 BIG, HAIRY (*AND SLIGHTLY SCARY*) goals for yourself than 10 that will just overwhelm you.

And the reason for this is because actually achieving a BIG, HAIRY (*AND SLIGHTLY SCARY*) goal is no mean feat. This type of goal is not always easy to tick off and can often involve a series of steps in order to complete it.

Cue, putting a plan into ACTION.

Achieving goals is all about breaking that goal down into manageable steps and setting timeframes for yourself to achieve those steps.

This leads me to something very special that we’d like to gift to you – our tried and tested goal-setting framework that we used last year to skyrocket our biz.


To get your hands on this framework as well and so much more when it comes to successful goal setting in your biz, come join us in our FREE 5-Day Goal-Setting Mastermind.

Our aim in this Mastermind is to help you set a plan in place that will have you kicking your biggest biz goals to date. The Mastermind officially kicks off on Monday Jan 16th but already we’ve started to share some HUGE insights, freebies and tools in the lead up that you’re not going to want to miss out on!

There’s already 100s of mums in the FB Group so come join the fun;
We SO look forward to connecting with you!

Xo Flori


So Biz mums! If you’re wanting to achieve some BIG focus and crystal clear direction for your biz in 2017, come join me and my friends at @businessschoolformums and check out their Free 5-Day Goal Setting Mastermind, which kickS off on Monday Jan 16th.  This is the biggest activation Anna & Flori have EVER run as a FREEBIE and it’s already turning out to be epic.  They’ve got cracking workbooks, mini live lessons, a private FB group – and 5 days stepped out to hold you accountable for your plan for 2017… (wowzaaaa).   What’s more, they’re already sharing insights, activations and freebies everyday with us in the FB Group in the lead up to the 5-day event itself.   @Businesschoolformums help Mums in Biz succeed and this Mastermind will without a doubt, deliver you some big shifts, changes and ‘aha’ moments – as well as connect you with 100s of other mums working towards extraordinary for themselves.

See you in the FB Group mummas!

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